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10 Reasons To Start Playing Slots Immediately


For the longest time in the past and the foreseeable future, slot machines remain to be popular among gamblers. Individuals have their reasons, but prime among them is the thrill of pulling down the lever, watching the pay lines in anticipation of a winning combination, and the ultimate fulfillment of victory. Well, the online platform does not bode with the land-based slot machines by being virtual. Still, the online slots brag a relatively higher following than its predecessor. Why should you start playing slot machines straightaway? Here are ten of the best reasons you ought to hop on the bandwagon and make hay while the sun shines.

1. Rich Variety

Unlike the slot machines in casinos, online slots are limitless in variety. There are many types of slot games for a gamer to choose. These include:

  • Three reel slot machines
  • Five reel slot machines
  • Progressive slot machines
  • Single payline slot machines
  • Multi-line slot machines
  • Fruit slot machines
  • Video slot machines

There also are slot games with an infinite number of reels and expanding paylines. The game providers are developing many more creative slot machines. The risk of being bamboozled on which game to play is a possible scenario. Land-based casinos cannot match this wealth in variety because they can only house enough slot machines.

2. Promotional Perks

There are plenty of online slot machines with bonuses. The casinos themselves also offer new online players enticing perks once they register. The table below illustrates some gifts available in slots.

Bonus Type Description
Free Spins Mainly offered by a special scatter symbol. A player can register more wins and even be rewarded with extra spins in certain games.
Gamble Rounds These bonus games occur at the end of a winning round. A player can wager all his earnings against a dealer in a double-or-nothing or an all-in game. Risky but rewarding.
Jackpots These are big money rewards also available in real casinos. A progressive jackpot involving specific slots rewards an ultimate winner with a huge sum.
Multipliers Triggered by special symbols and they increase winnings by a given multiple i.e. x3
Welcome Bonus Cash rewards offered to new players.


3. Simplicity

Online slots are not complex at all. The developers ensure the game interface is as friendly as possible to all users. Furthermore, you barely require any skill set to be able to play. It is not hands-on but rather involves the click of a button. No skill is required to win too. It is all down to luck.

4. Time and Spatial Convenience

Certainly, there are a lot of gambling fans who cannot visit a casino because they could be working nights or weekends. Simply, there’s a population who cannot fit betting at casinos into their tight schedule. On the contrary, online casinos are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It means that one can play the game whenever wherever they please.

Concerning space, it is convenient because all types are in one place. The idea of uncomfortable and crowded casinos goes out the door.

5. Multiple Banking Methods

The payment methods for online casinos are simpler and broad of choices today. Mainstream currencies are supported, and all you have to do is to deposit, play, win, and withdraw. The banking systems include:

  • MasterCard
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • E-wallets (PayPal)
  • PaySafe Card
  • Google Wallet (for downloaded apps)

In addition to the common world currencies, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are supported with exclusive Bitcoin slots available. Various casinos have their official banking partners.

6. Informative Themes

Satoshi’s Secret is one of the many themed slot games that you get to enjoy online. It is based on the earlier stated digital currency. There are lots of slots whose symbols, background, color, and sound are inspired by specific events, cultures, and civilizations. Zeus is themed on Greek Mythology whereas Cleopatra focuses on ancient Egyptian culture.

7. No Competition

Unlike other games, they involve you and the slot machine. There’s no multiplayer mode hence you compete against no one. There is no pressure of failing to progress in a level or being eliminated. Further, you are the boss; you decide when to stake and when to withdraw your money.

8. Unique Add-ons

Some online casinos have special additions to their slots. Loyalty comp pointsand the multiple winning way slots are the extra features that benefit to players. There are also special daily, weekly or monthly offers specific to online casinos and slots they have allocated for these additional features.

Loyalty points accumulate and enable a member to join a VIP club with special slots related offers.

9. Playing for Real Money is Optional

Free games are available online. Therefore, you do not have to play for real money. At times you can play to practice, learn and enjoy the slots’ features.

10. Fun

After all is said and done, all that matters is whether playing online slots is a refreshing activity. Well, I assure you that with beautiful graphical designs, musical sounds and 3D animation (video slots), the fun provided by slot games is fantastic. You can find a game that interests you and play it freely for pleasure. It is also fun to garner some extra cash, right?

In conclusion, the simplicity, endless bonuses, banking options and fun offered by online slots should give you enough reason to check them out. They are also convenient and have interesting themes.