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15 Things To Keep In Mind While Trading: Beginners Guide


The ever-changing market of trading can be really challenging for amateurs as it is important that you learn about the dynamics of trading before you go all out. Although, we now have platforms that make it easier for beginners to do online CFDs trading. Since you can learn and hone your skills in trading, we are here with the top 15 things that every aspiring trader should keep in mind as they start their career in this space. 

1. As you start trading the most important rule for you is to choose the trading criteria, things that you need in order for trading, the setup process, and every other aspect. Moreover, if you are having any doubts regarding your trade, then it is better that you avoid such deals. 

2. Secondly, you should try to analyze the market and move according to that only. Here, you can create different exit strategies and as soon as the trade goes against you should exit. There is no point in hoping that the market will get better and you will be able to make a profit from your deal. Instead of relying on your luck, you should try to make practical decisions in such situations. 

3. When it comes to trading, it is important that you hone your skills and rely purely on your instinct and judgments. If you are new to the industry it is a really good idea to create a list of credible sources that you can consult in case you need help in this space and as you make any trade make sure that you properly follow all the instructions and recommendations of those experts. 

4. Since you need to improve yourself in this space every day, it is important that you try to analyze your mistakes and learn from them. Start by correcting management mistakes and it is advised that you avoid placing trades that are not in your system as you might face loss in such cases. 

5. In order to get the best results from your trades, you should try to stick to your strategies as much as you can in order to get the best results. In order to initiate and implement your strategy properly, you should make a checklist of all the relevant things that will help you in making the overall process more efficient.

6. Setting up counter-trend trades near some of the market tops and bottoms will make sure that you do not face that much loss during the fluctuation in the market. Considering this, you should avoid calling at every market turn as that can drastically affect your profit. 

7. As you place a trade make sure to establish reward to risk as once you enter into this space, you are completely at the condition of the market and that can really affect your overall planning. 

8. According to several trading experiments, any trader should not take more than a 1-2% loss in the capital while trading. For this, it is recommended that you place bets on different low risk ideas. 

9. When it comes to trading, you should go with the trend and for that, you need to learn about the market trends and get an expert’s opinion as well. 

10. Under any circumstances, you should never add to a losing position as that is a sure-shot recipe for disaster.

11. In order to succeed in trading, your main motto should be to buy in high and sell those stocks to a much higher rate. 

12. One of the best strategies that you should keep in your mind while trading is to be as much patience as you can with your winning trades and to be really impatient with your losing trades. It is important to remember that you can make huge profits as long as you minimize your losses. 

13. Overtrading is another rookie mistake made by almost every new trader. As overtrading will make your overall system really hectic, it is important that you treat trading with a highly professional attitude. 

14. While entering any trade, before you look at the rewards make sure that you also look at the potential risks. After a complete analysis of all the risks with a particular trade, you should move forward with it. This will help you in making more realistic and practical trades that will reap you profit. 

15. Lastly, you should never trade more than what you can afford. There are times when your capital might get tied up in a trade for a long period of time and that can really affect your financial condition is you are not careful with it.


While trading it is important that you learn about the dynamic of the trade market and how fluctuation can really affect your overall trades. With all these tips you will be able to safely make your way in trading.