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3 Construction Tech Trends To Watch For in 2019 And Beyond


The construction industry is in a phase where there’s a lot to look forward to. As a matter of fact,

despite that, this sector used to be afraid to embrace the technological advances being introduced, it’s slowly starting to realize that to stay ahead, they must be willing to give these new technologies a try.

Even the investors, they are now checking out these trends as the industry is ripe enough for disruption. Technology companies are also developing the next generation of construction software, as well as hardware tools for everyone to try.

Here are the top 3 construction trends to watch out for in 2019 and beyond.


Almost everything in the construction site, even a regular traffic cone, are now embedded with sensors. We can say that the development of the Internet of Things would encourage the development of BIM methodology as well.

The combination of the two would make it possible to provide real-life data which could be utilized to guide in the construction process. Furthermore, the technology used in smart buildings would also offer data that would teach builders to design safer, and better structures.

Sustainable Materials

For the past few years, the construction industry has been looking for ways on how to improve traditional building materials. For that reason, sustainable materials are slowly gaining market traction as they are proven to be more durable and safer. Likewise, not only do they offer feel-good quality, but they are also environmentally sustainable as well.

This is very important because commercial concrete production is known to release a lot of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year. Something like this contributes to pollution, as well as climate change. Thankfully, with technology, this is slowly being resolved.

Computer Imaging

As we talk about the construction industry, it’s worth noting that most construction projects are known to be highly demanding and calls for a wide range of tasks. Not only managerial functions are included in this, but even the techniques, forms of organizations, and tools as well.

Tools are essential for storing and processing a massive amount of data, and tools are necessary to store and process information that can be used to resolve an issue, or even prevent it in the first place.

With the help of computer software, project managers would be able to better coordinate with their workers. Gone are the days when they’ll have to wait for several hours, days, or sometimes, even weeks to get a response.

Now, everything happens in real time. Not just that, even the division of labor and responsibilities can also be more organized through this. The construction process can also be documented thoroughly through this, which means mistakes could be prevented.

AR and VR applications are being utilized in the construction industry in some ways. Virtual reality works as a training tool, while the augmented reality makes it possible for project managers to visualize the progress of the construction project better, but aside from that, it’s also used to be able to plan over the job site, superimpose renderings, and many more.