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3 Effective Online Marketing Strategies For Large And Small Companies


With the online advertising revolution, marketing has seen significant changes over the last few decades. While we still see plenty of hard copy advertisements in pamphlets, magazines, and newspapers, the rise of soft copy ads on online yellow pages websites, RSS feeds, and emails are more prevalent today. What really takes the cake are smart copy advertisements through apps, social media, and search engine optimization.

With so many new platforms to reach millions of potential customers, businesses have no choice but to get in on the action if they want to stay relevant and survive. Marketing your brand and choosing the correct platform is a major key to business success. So we’ll now take a look at three crucial online marketing strategies all companies need to use to stay relevant in today’s digital world. 

1) Marketing on Social Media Platforms

Many people are spending way too much time hanging out on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media platforms. The addiction to social media is very prevalent in today’s society.

In fact, a recent statistic says the average international user spends 20 minutes a day on Facebook, while the average American user spends over 40 minutes a day. As far as marketing platforms are concerned, social media sites are the place to be for businesses looking to share ads and content with a wide array of their potential customers.

Businesses capable of delivering high-quality, researched, and entertaining content to readers will eventually develop a large and rabid fan base on social media given enough time. Some social media platforms allow businesses to develop a strong fan base through free and paid advertising. Facebook and Twitter are both excellent platforms to market products and services to potential customers.

The great thing about social media is fans of your products and services can easily share information and posts on their respective timelines. This helps your posts go viral and reach a much broader audience than you’d probably be able to reach on your own. The best part about social media sharing – particularly viral posts – is that they are 100% free.

Even if you have a tiny marketing budget, you’ll still get to promote your brand on social media, reach your target audience, and develop an outstanding platform on relevant social media websites. 

2) Content Marketing and SEO

At this point, search engine optimization and content marketing go hand-in-hand. It may be faster to reach your target audience through paid advertising, but many believe the cheaper and more effective way to reach your audience is through SEO.

Search engine optimization a.k.a. SEO focuses on ranking websites in the search engines naturally so you don’t suffer any unwarranted Google penalties. The two main areas of focus include off page optimization – social media shares and backlinks – and on page optimization – website navigation, interlinking, content marketing etc.

Some believe search engine optimization is going the way of the dodo. Others are still achieving massive success ranking websites and generating coveted search engine traffic while exploding their businesses.

According to Stackify.com, Log Management tools experts; it’s possible to reach a wider, more buyer friendly audience through SEO. 

3) Paying for Online Advertisements

There are a number of ways to grow your company and expand your reach online through paid advertisements. Google Adwords is a powerful PPC platform making it easy to reach tens of thousands of targeted visitors every day. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter also offer paid advertising options helping companies expand their reach. There are things like display ads, contextual ads, banner ads, and more. 


Try these three online marketing and social media strategies and watch your web traffic and paid customers explode.