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3 Kinds of Technologies All Landlords Should Know


In order to stabilize their place in the marketplace, many businesses, even those that originally started out as adventurous, can grow conservative. Ironically, this often has an adverse effect on the company as newer, more innovative competitors take their place. For business owners that deal directly with their customers like landlords, it’s important that they’re able to offer their tenants services than benefit them. Here’s three kinds of technology you should be aware of.

digital inventories - real estate

Digital Inventories

More and more tenants are interested in the idea of a digitized product inventory rather than a traditional pen and paper list. In the past, the landlord would demand a deposit at the beginning of the lease. This would be returned if everything in the home was present and in working condition when they left. However, many tenants believe that inventories are often poorly managed and that they end up being billed for items that are missing due to a previous tenant and not them. There have been several new applications to emerge to try and solve this issue, with many claiming to dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete inspection by adopting innovative geo-tagged photos.

Software Tools

Businesses are more dependent on management software than ever before and there is a variety of different software tools made specifically for landlords. These main function of these products is to help you become better organized and ensure you’re up-to-date with everything regarding your properties, tenants, and finance. After all, this will only improve your ability to make sure your tenants are happy with your services. Mobile apps like Rentr even let you access this kind of information while on the move so whether you need to book a new viewing, manage a deposit, or even draw up a contract while out and about you’ll be covered.

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Video Marketing

They say that a picture says a thousand words, and what those pictures are saying about your property might be the difference between reaching your asking price or not. Research shows that properties that have photos taken by professionals receive around 61% more views than those without. If you’re selling in a competitive marketplace, this could be just the thing that makes you stand out from the crowd. Interestingly, some sellers are now taking this one step further. Posting a complete tour of the home on YouTube is relatively simple and potentially increases your online presence tenfold.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to running your business. Being at the forefront of a new technology can be appealing to many customers. Younger people especially are more akin to accepting technology as a normal part of their day-today lives. However, people are also more concerned about online privacy than ever before so you need to ensure you that don’t start to adopt obtrusive methods.