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3 Largest Asian Women’s Clothing Dropshippers


You can open your own online store with minimal investment if you choose a dropshipping model. Nowadays this business model is popular all over the world. The essence of drop shipping is the direct delivery of goods from supplier to buyer, in which the seller acts as an intermediary. So, the lower the cost of your goods is, the bigger profit you get. And where are the lowest prices in the world? Right, in China. In this post we will talk about 3 largest the best drop shipping companies : Alibaba, Aliexpress, Taobao.

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So, let’s talk about the Asian women’s clothing dropshippers.


Alibaba is one of the most famous platforms in the world working in the field of e-commerce (along with eBay and Amazon). Its founder Jack Ma in 2017 became the richest Chinese according to Forbes magazine. The company tries to provide such a quality of services that each buyer is satisfied with the receipt of the purchased goods.

A profitable supplier specializes in wholesale sales on the Internet, but there are products with the ability to buy one unit. A huge number of suppliers are accumulated on one site. If you are going to work on the dropshipping system, you will have to look for a company that agrees to such a scheme of cooperation. At the same time, as the platform demonstrates to us, it is possible to agree on a price reduction due to the lack of strict control by Alibaba. Like Aliexpress, Alibaba can leave reviews and there is a reputation rating of the seller. Draw conclusions and try not to make mistakes in the choice of partners.


AliExpress is an amazing resource for creating a dropshipping business.

The low cost of the products, ease of use and the ability to integrate into existing online stores with third-party applications make it an excellent choice for drop shipping. This line of business on the Internet gives a wonderful opportunity to start your online business. You can easily create a recognizable brand on the Internet working on the system of dropshipping.

The great advantage of working with AliExpress is that it offers great protection for customers when ordering, delivering and in case of return. The functions of the site were designed to keep the buyer in mind at every stage of the sale. AliExpress priority is to make sure that its sellers are legitimate and deliver the goods in accordance with the advertisement.


TaoBao – a resource with a mega-wide assortment and a wide choice of goods in different price categories. In fact, here you will find everything: clothes and accessories, shoes, hats, household appliances. And the secret of the popularity of this store is not even that you can order goods from China, which are known to be affordable enough. Affordability can be an argument in underdeveloped countries, but this online store is popular both in Europe and in US, which certainly can not be called weak economically. Meanwhile, the secret of popularity is that this online store presents a lot of different products, analogues of which almost does not exist in the world.

The purchase on Taobao is reliable, because the products sold on the factory are not found cheap fakes breaking and tearing the day after the sale. But be careful, on TaoBao sell and second-hand. Sale is possible at a fixed, negotiated price, and through an auction. The main feature of TaoBao – you buy goods from second-hand dealers, because the sellers of the resource of Taobao are not producers, or official sellers of the manufacturer. Thanks to this you have the opportunity to buy goods at retail.

Remember, in any business, a lot depends on a supplier, and the further it is from you and the higher is the language barrier, the more difficulties can arise on the way to a successful transaction.