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3 Reasons Why Whiteboard Animations Can Make Your Website More Engaging


These days, there are great whiteboard animation software products out there, which help entrepreneurs to send powerful brand messages via whiteboard animation. If you’re interested in this form of marketing, which draws in viewers and helps them to understand concepts in a way that is entertaining and easy, then you’ll benefit from this guide.

We’re going to share 3 reasons why whiteboard animations can make your website more engaging…

1) These Videos are Brief and Pleasant to Watch

Whiteboard animation is typically succinct and this is one good reason why it resonates with viewers. When you choose whiteboard animation, you’ll find that you’re able to connect with a target audience in no time flat. Viewers enjoy watching animation which allows them to grasp the points of things without needing to do any work. They may sit back and learn as they watch.

In general, these types of videos don’t last longer than five minutes and some are as short as three minutes. Three to five minutes is the right amount of time for viewers. Any more than that is too long. So, whiteboard animations definitely deliver in terms of working with the average attention spans of viewers.

2) Some Videos Are Very Amusing

Everyone wants to laugh a bit during the day. It helps with stress and underscores everything that is fun about being alive! This is why people love watching videos which are created via whiteboard animation software. If you want to get more leverage from a whiteboard animation video, we think that you should choose to put some humor into the animation.

It is well worth taking the time to create something funny, as making people laugh or chuckle will help you to connect with them as an entrepreneur.

3) People Love Cartoons

Older people love watching cartoon animation because they grew up watching cartoons. Naturally, younger people love whiteboard animations, too, because they’ve been growing up with cartoons. To create the best characters for your whiteboard animations, consider discovering some design tips and using them in order to create memorable and cute characters.

Do You Want to Make Whiteboard Animation?

One excellent form of software for whiteboard animation is VideoScribe. It’s a good program which is easy to use and you’ll find that the learning curve for this program is short. When you use the program and also utilize some WordPress design tips from blogs such as WPislife.com, you’ll be able to create fascinating animated videos which may be utilized in order to boost the success of your business.

After you make your video, be sure to promote it properly. We recommend adding it to your official business website, along with a short description and then posting links on your social media pages. By cross-promoting across every free social media channel, you’ll be one step closer to getting a big buzz from video animation. However, your biggest channel for promotion should definitely be YouTube. It’s such a great place to build an audience. In fact, YouTube promotion is really one of the most effective forms of marketing on Planet Earth.

Now that you know more about whiteboard animation and why it is so powerful and important, you’ll be ready to create a marketing plan which resonates with your preferred demographic. Pay someone to do your digital animation for you or think about doing it yourself with software. When you do create it with software, you’ll have more control over the final result and you’ll probably also save yourself some money. As well, you may find that it’s fun.

Invest in Software Today

Do you need the right software? It should be simple to find it online. After you’ve done so, move forward by installing it and learning how to use it. It’s best to have a specific goal in terms of what your animation will promote. For example, do you want to sell a good or service?

Now is the right time to use this form of animation to best effect. It’s a great way to reach out to consumers who may want to buy from your company. Actually, it may be used to promote anything, from special events to personal brands and beyond. So, it’s an extremely versatile form of online marketing.