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3 Reasons You Need VPN In Your Daily Life


After the diversification and expansion of Internet, Virtual Private Network (VPN) has gained a lot of popularity. The primary objective of this technology is to add a layer of security to private and public networks including broadband and Internet hotspots. It is generally used by companies to protect sensitive data. Privacy of the user is increased by replacement of the original IP address with one being provided by the VPN service.

Many people are still unaware of the benefits offered by VPN. Here are three core reasons on how it has become an essential:

1. Stream Sports Live Online

Sports is one of the well-established industries across the globe with its worth crossing billion dollars. Sports like soccer, cricket, rugby, basketball and hockey is viewed all over the world with sheer enthusiasm and energy. However, geographical restrictions are imposed on some viewers. This is where VPN comes into play.

For instance, some sports will be live in the USA but individual traveling to Germany might not have access to live streaming due to geographical restrictions. VPN allows the user to make it look as if he/she is still in USA giving access to such streaming. It makes your IP address anonymous.

FIFA World Cup is just around the corner and everyone is as much excited as others. One can watch the World Cup online with VPN and get access to all the live matches without any difficulty making this tournament an immense pleasure.

2. Hide your IP address

As mentioned above, VPN’s are primarily used for hiding your IP address. All the online activities are communications are kept safe and secure by emphasizing on anonymity. Identity is kept hidden as well keeping the users safe from potential hackers. It even prevents Internet Service Providers from tracking activities and allowing you to visit websites that are banned in your countries.

Since almost all of our information is present online such as photos, personal health records and financial data, an extra layer of encryption is provided by making the IP address anonymous. It makes transmission of personal data from one computer to another a safer process.

Hiding IP address can also be helpful for business who are keeping a check on their competitors. Businesses can inquire into other businesses without revealing their identity and alter their financial strategies in accordance with their examination. There are some free VPN services that can help you to do so.

3. Protect your privacy

Protection of privacy is the primary objective of using a VPN. Most individuals and institutions take their privacy seriously in this digital day and age. Many of us are unaware of the harsh reality that most of the operations we carry out on the Internet are not at all private. ISP’s do track our activity and store information regarding the things we do online. They track us by identification of our IP address. By using a VPN, traffic is routed through different IP addresses making the user anonymous. This is how VPN secures digital privacy.

However, it must be noted that only paid VPN’s can protect privacy. Not all VPN’s that come for free are able to do so. This is why it is imperative to consider the quality and reputation of VPN before making the final purchase.

The bottom line

Here were 3 major reasons to use VPN in this day and age. However, it is not an exhaustive list. There is a wide range of other benefits offered by VPN’s such as downloading torrents, communicating via VIOP services and using cloud storage solutions.