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4 Best Astronomy Software One Can Find Today


There are a few areas that computers made accessible for almost everyone across the globe. All you needed was a computer and an internet connection — and, astronomy is no exception. Remember those days when you needed high-end equipment for stargazing? Well, that’s an old story and you now have multiple ways to improve stargazing, even if it’s a hobby. In this article, however, we will be talking about some of the best astronomy software you can find today. Even if you are a beginner, intermediate or professional star-gazer, these apps would surely be of help. Shall we begin, then?

#1 Planetarium 3D


Planetarium 3D is one of the most popular astronomy software you can use for stargazing as well as purposes of space observation. Many people recommend this tool, available for both Smartphones and Desktop, when you are looking for the best astronomy software 2018. That is mainly because Planetarium 3D is updated on a regular basis. The app has been designed so well that both kids and adults would love the interface. You’ll be able to choose between different modes, options and control methods. Planetarium 3D was built with an idea that kids and passionate adults should have a handy guide and a quality-rich renderer with them all the time.

#2 Stellarium

Stellarium is another great choice when you are looking for an effective astronomy software. The best part about the app is that it’s available for almost every platform in the world, including desktop and mobile. The rendering quality is comparatively exceptional when it comes to this free-to-use app. In addition to this, you get access to a catalogue that consists information about more than 600,000 stars. It’s also customizable in the sense that you can choose the UI modes, zoom levels and include plug-ins as your situations require. It’s worth noting that Stellarium has covered even some of the rarest events from space such as eclipse and it’s even awesome that you can use time control for a detailed exploration.

#3 Celestia

Real-time 3D Visualization is what Celestia offers to a number of devices running on macOS, Windows and of course the various distributions of Linux. Compared to other tools, the offerings of Celestia are endless to say the least. On top of everything, you are not confined to the surface area of Earth but can go on and visit the various stars and nearby galaxies. In short, you are getting a complete space exploration experience with Celestia. This is something you cannot find in most of the planetarium software out there. It true-interactive emulator and 3D rendering engines are also great.

#4 AstroGav

If you are looking for an astronomy software that can simulate the whole solar system, we will recommend AstroGav, which is available for both Mac and Windows. Compared to many other tools for the same need, AstroGav has been designed with ultimate accuracy, the speeds of which are calculated with top precision. Because it’s a solar system simulator, you can get views from other elements on the space, such as stars and planets. There is also a wide range of interactive and illustrative content you can explore. Making the whole thing multipurpose, you can use AstroGav for needs like exoplanet hunting as well.

So, these are some of the best astronomy software you can find today. We’ve listed four but all these cater to unique needs. For instance, you would find both real-time and catalogue-based space software out there. The idea is to choose one that’s suitable for your needs. On the bright side, most of these tools are multi-platform — available for Mac, Windows and Linux along with Smartphones.