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4 Devices To Help You Succeed In College


College is full of distractions that make it difficult to focus at times. Workloads never seem to go down, there’s never enough sleep, and temptations are around every corner. The good thing is, there are ways to strike a balance to get everything done without lowering the amount of credits taken every semester or sacrificing one thing for another. Following are four devices that are perfect for helping you with just about everything. You get to keep on top of your work without feeling like you don’t have time for anything else.

Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Image via Flickr by RichardBowen

The venerable paper journal manufacturer has combined the art of writing in a journal with the advantages of a smartphone. Pen, paper, and an app bring everything together so you won’t lose track of anything. The pen is a Neo smartpen that has a hidden camera that follows your handwriting and digitizes as you go along. All of your penmanship gets saved into the app and lets you doodle on top of your doodles or edit your notes for a more focused review. Need to record a note to yourself? No problem! There’s an option to record your spoken thoughts as you write.


The smartphone is an obvious device to have for college, but there’s a native app on the LG G6 and other Android phones to help you succeed: the clock. Time slips by very quickly, and it seems like there’s nothing left of the day. Especially when there’s a lot of work to get done. Take advantage of the clock by setting timers and alerts to remind you of what you need to do, or where to be and when. Combine this with the use of the native calendar app by putting in due dates for important papers and tests. It’s an easy way to manage your time without obsessing over the small details.

A Backpack With Power    

Several companies have come out with charging backpacks that won’t weigh you down while juicing up your devices. One of the biggest challenges of being a student in the modern age is finding an outlet when you need it most. The charging backpack prevents you from running out of power when you need it. No more panicking when your device has drained down to a 5 percent battery life. Just plug it into the charging port of the backpack and breathe easy. Some backpacks come with multiple charging ports that allow you to resuscitate more than one device at the same time. Not all backpacks have the capacity to charge laptops, so make sure the one you buy has the ability to charge your most-needed device.

White Noise Machine

White noise machines have been around for decades, which speaks greatly to their success. They work by emitting a soft, gentle noise that lets you stop focusing on stress-inducing topics, such as that major final a few days away, and helps you tune in on a single noise. There are any number of white noise aids on the market that help you achieve your goal of a solid eight hours. Download an app to your smartphone or put a stand-alone machine next to your bed and set it on a noise that soothes your tired mind.

The importance of a good night of sleep during stressful times cannot be understated. Having enough sleep lets your brain function at its peak power, reduces fatigue so your body is able to respond, and helps you maintain alertness for learning. If you’re tossing and turning at night because you can’t sleep, you might find that a white noise machine is for you.

All of these items help make your life a little easier while going through the hallowed halls of higher education. They enhance your ability to function properly so you can get the best possible grades. Tailor their uses to fit your needs, work within your daily schedule, and help you catch your breath. You’ll find that you stop stressing all the time and accomplish your work with ease.