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4 Easily-Overlooked Design Mistakes That Could Impact A Website’s Performance


Designing a website can be tricky as there are countless factors to take into account, and it can be extremely subjective to boot. It should come as no surprise that many designs end up going live while they contain various mistakes that were overlooked – but could have a lasting impact on the website’s performance.

Since knowing what types of mistakes are often easily-overlooked will help you to spot and avoid them, here are the 4 most common:

  • Fonts that are too small

Readability is the order of the day for any website design, and you will want your font size to be large enough that it can be read comfortably. Often this isn’t the case, either because a small font was carelessly used but more regularly it is because it was defined in ‘pixels’ instead of ‘ems’. The problem with setting a font size in pixels is that while it might appear readable on larger screens, it won’t on smaller screens – such as mobile devices). Fortunately ems are scalable and therefore more mobile-friendly.

  • Important content or design elements in carousels

Carousels have become a fairly popular inclusion in web designs – but they are not always suitable. The danger with placing important content or design elements in carousels is that they stand the risk of being overlooked entirely if the website visitor happens to be looking away as the carousel scrolls across it. While carousels are harmless, it is important that no critical parts of your design or content are contained within it.

  • Too much clutter

As much as it might be tempting to place tons of information onto a single page, that is often a big problem in web designs. With too much clutter there is likely to be little (or no) visual hierarchy. On top of that if that clutter contains several different calls to action it will dilute the overall effect as each one will get in the way of the others. Simply put the more clutter that is on your page the more distractions will be present, and the less likely it is to fulfill its goal.

  • Outdated design trends

When you first designed your website it may have adhered to all the latest trends at the time. However as time goes on some of those trends may not have aged very well, and your previously trendy-looking website design may now look dated and obsolete as a result. While you may not want to constantly update your web design to follow the latest design trends, at very least you should ensure that any elements that are too dated are removed.

The good news is that with the right web design Sydney service you should be able to avoid all these web design mistakes. If you already have an existing website however, you can go over it to make sure that none of the mistakes are present – and take steps to rectify them if necessary so that they don’t impact its performance.