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4 Most Effective Ways To Leverage Chatbots For Marketing


Face it. Machine learning is more than fad, trend, or buzzword. It has real sustenance behind it and is playing an active role in the development of the quality of our lives across the planet. So, is it shocking to know that machine intelligence has a place in your marketing strategy? Your competitors are already using it, and it’s time for you to join the rank and learn how you can use chatbots for marketing, increasing lead generation efficiency and boosting sales.

Robots are not taking over; they are helping to make certain things in life simple and easy to do. When it comes to your business, they make a lot of things easier, even marketing. For example, we are about to go over four ways you can leverage a newly designed, kickass chatbot for marketing.

Strengthen Team Organization and Collaboration

Typically, team performance is not at the forefront of your mind when someone brings up marketing strategy? Your marketing efforts extend past SEO, PPC Ads, and multiple platform posts.

Unless if you are manning the ship yourself, then you will probably have a team of people who help get things done. Yes, teamwork is one of the strongest parts of every marketing strategy. Besides, it’s not always easy making sure everyone is following the same train of thought for the project and getting them on that page together can reduce any project irritations and help everything run more smoothly.

Using chatbots for marketing starts to make sense a little when you learn how many ways these things can be useful. You can program your chatbot to help track what members of your team are working on and allowing them to stay up-to-date with one another.

Open a Stimulated Portal of Communication with Visitors

Those small chat windows in the bottom corners of websites have actually come a long way. You no longer have to wait for a representative to chime in to answer basic questions. Now, these windows are manned by a bot, who is always friendly, always tries to help as much as they can, and serves to answer as many visitors as your site can handle, leaving your actually support and sales staff free to jump in and help with other important tasks. The best part about these bots is they can be set up to mimic a live chat to talk with your customers and guess what, roughly 80% of your customers want help during the customer journey. Shame on you for not being there to help them…Wait, never mind your bot is there taking care of things.

However, making your chatbot sound natural takes some time, and consumers will be able to spot a dictionary response, and most will be turned away. Try giving your bot a name and profile picture to add more personality, giving your customers a custom experience, which leads us right into our next way you can use chatbots for marketing: creating a customer-focused experience.

Personalizing Your Chatbot For A Fine-Tuned Customer Experience

As marketing advances, users have become used to having customized ads and actually expect it. Consumers want a custom experience so bad that they’ll even give up that precious name, address and/or even email address just to get it. 44% will give this Info up, and 71% of consumers are more apt to respond to personalized ads that are more honed into their personal shopping habits So, exactly how personalized of an experience can you create for your users? Well, let’s think about CNN’s newsbot. It can deliver tailored news based on a list of selected options, then message the bot… and whalah keyword delivered news, courtesy of the CNN Newsbot.

Chatbots can be programmed to do all sorts of different activities. Be sure you are leveraging chatbots for marketing in your strategy.

Top to Bottom Funnel Nurturing: Total Package Solutions

We’ve already touched down on how chatbots can be used to offer a tailored user experience, but we did not mention how these bots can be used to help guide your visitors all the way through your sales funnel, including follow-up marketing like feedback, surveys, and other useful natural data collecting prompts.

Through casual conversation, your bots can be made to sell, hint, suggest or point the customer directly to products.


Yes, bots can be trained, honed, and then actually deployed where they will be able to completely guide your customers through their entire journey, from start to finish, top to bottom. Not only this, but bots can also be used to collect other useful data. They’re not just mindless product pushing robots ☺

If you’ve set your bots up correctly, they will ask certain questions to gather demographic information as well in some cases psychoanalytical data without making it seem like a long drawn out survey or a boring bot without a sense of humor.

Still not convinced? Bots can even be used to follow or track every customer’s buying or shopping patterns, which can also provide valuable marketing insights, like which products are being put in the cart and initiating checkout and which ones are making it to checkout and then not converting.

Can you seriously end 2018 without incorporating chatbots in your marketing strategy? Everything about them screams, “Please! Let me help your customer make the best purchasing decision on your website.” Would you turn down an employee this eager to please your customers?