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4 Tech Hygiene Habits SMEs Should Embrace


Poor tech hygiene can be damaging to a number of aspects with a business, so below are some pointers to help you create a squeaky clean culture when it comes to your IT!

Use 2 step authentication for ALL cloud based and online accounts

Use 2 step authentication for ALL cloud based and online accounts

This is one of the most prevalent steps that you can take to prevent your accounts from being hacked. Unfortunately cyber criminals are the best at what they do, they have quickly created algorithms that will crack your passwords in a matter of months, even if you have passed the programs ‘strength test’ using upper and lower case, numbers and a special character!

Adding an extra layer of security, 2 Step authentication is a process that requires 2 means of identification; one will typically be a numerical code, sometimes generated for you and something you know, like a personal password. This method of accessing online accounts will significantly reduce online fraud and theft occurring as it makes it increasing more difficult as the criminal requires much more detail for access.

Stop Saving to Your Desktop

I KNOW that this is the easiest option, but it’s a huge faux pas! Using up valuable system resources and processing power by saving files to your desk top will result in the overall performance of your computer becoming much slower, due to the files being partially loaded in the ‘background’ – using up RAM.

A great way to combat this, while still making important documents readily accessible and more importantly secure, the documents should be stored in folders (so that it can be backed up easily) and set up short cuts to the files.

Install all updates quickly


We are all guilty of ignoring a software update once in a while on our devices, they can be disruptive to our working day, but this approach should be reconsidered because installing software updates are an important practice.

Yusuf Yenegah, Director of Microbyte Solutions explains, “Although software programs are rigorously tested throughout their development, real time usage can flag up issues and holes in the software that can only be amended via a software update. Failing to install current software updates can impact your PC performance, but also leave you vulnerable with regards to security”.

If stopping mid work-flow is going to cause you problems, commit to installing the software update by the end of that working day.

Don’t eat at your computer!

29% of office workers admit to eating at their PC, not only can this be detrimental to personal well-being (stress and fatigue) and health (bacteria growing on dropped food particles!) when conducted over a long period of time, it can also damage critical components within devices. Liquid conducts electricity, so any split drinks can result in a machine that potentially short circuits, a dire consequence for all involved.