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4 Trends That Will Change E-Commerce In 2019


The New Year will change every sector of business, including online retailers. Following, we are going to discuss a few of these changes.

1. Quick Checkouts

Users don’t want to get stalled by the online website when they want to check out. They don’t want to deal with different confirmation pages to get their product. Therefore, you better make the checkout process swift and easy.

If you are bugging your consumers too much, they will leave the shopping cart. So, make the checkout process.  If you want to do it, consider the following

  • Make a one-page checkout process. Just ask the important info, and make everything else optional, this will cut down the cart abandon rate
  • Don’t ask people to fill their details over again and again. You must introduce the Auto-complete feature.
  • Last but not least, don’t force anyone to register with your site. If you do this, people will run away before making their purchase

We will introduce stores to accommodate this trend. These stores will be placed in every Branding Agency Directory.

2. AI

Artificial Intelligence will be a big help fore-commerce business the company year. They will replace humans in chatbots for a basic conversion. Yes, you may need the human touch for complex queries. Today, chatbots are designed to act and respond as a human would. This is great for business as lit cuts most of the legwork of sales.

Cynthia Johnson, a Guest Writer at Entrepreneur, discussed how AI would change E-commerce a year ago. She says it will take care of the small and untidy tasks for you.

For security purpose, you can add Siri and Alexa. They are becoming integrated thanks to voice search. We expect the voice search will offer an answer to questions that are voice activated.

The use of a smartphone is very high,and it kicked the demographics for virtual assistants. Use automation with Chatbots to combine apps to conduct business and entertain customers.

3. Virtual Showrooms

If given a choice between snaps and a virtual tour, every online user would want a tour. So, what do we learn here?

Dan Scalco, a Contributor at Huffington Post, discussed the importance of giving as many details as possible while discussing different ways you can increase your e-commerce business.

You need to implement the VR tech by hook or crook! People are looking for a real-life shopping experience; virtual showroom save your time and strength as you have to go out to see the thing in person. There are no many examples of big names implementing this, but hey people look for early adopters.

They want product visualization like you to promote a product in real-life. It helps them to try the product before they even pay for it. This is again an idea that isn’t implemented very frequently.

4. Voice Search

Just like search engines, online retail will be integrated voice search in 2019. We don’t expect any major changes, just some early-adopters. It will help prep the market for the 2020s. Industry leaders like Amazon may just become a real-life example of this.