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5 Benefits Of Integrating Unicheck Plagiarism Checker Into Your School’s LMS


The Internet has a reputation for providing exceptional learning opportunities for students. However, more recently, it’s reputation has added a not-so-positive site for educators. It’s now known for seducing students to choose the easy way out of writing by passing off found ideas and essays as their own. Luckily, there are powerful counterweights, such as a plagiarism checker, available to aid institutions in combating this easy out.

When integrating a plagiarism checker into your Learning Management System, there are many important aspects to consider. Outside of usability, toolset, and accuracy, there is one additional but equally important aspect – the technical side. Here are 5 reasons why Unicheck is an excellent choice among plagiarism checkers for teachers and educators

AWS Cloud Hosting

To help schools and universities enjoy the flexibility and efficiency of software-as-a-service (SaaS), Unicheck offers its services as a SaaS platform, hosted in the Amazon cloud infrastructure. This plagiarism checker makes use of advanced AWS tools and services, along with load balancing, auto-scaling, and storage services. No maintenance from the institution’s side is needed. Once the integration is complete, all updates are delivered automatically.

Unicheck easily combines its native-cloud, single-tenant platform, and application scale to millions of users. The infrastructure enables optional scaling to adjust to usage variances. To guarantee data privacy and protect servers, the application runs on virtualized instances in Tier III and Tier IV AWS data center facilities, which provide the best industry-standard practices. Since 2019, Unicheck has been using domestic AWS data centers in the USA, Europe, Australia, and Canada. 

Available And Reliable

Thanks to the AWS cloud hosting advantages, Unicheck is truly a reliable, available, and scalable cloud-based plagiarism detection software. Moreover, backed by their SLA, Unicheck is committed to delivering 99.9% up-time. Using AWS allows for scaling the system in real-time, during peak loading, and handling all traffic spikes without slowing the system down. 

Easy And Fast Integration

Unicheck’s set up allows users to connect multiple LMS systems to a single Unicheck account. This is helpful when changing your LMS or if an institution maintains multiple LMS systems and wants to integrate a plagiarism checker in both environments. In this case, Unicheck performs a cross-check of submissions.

Once Unicheck has been enabled, authorization is automatically available for all users who have logged into LMS and have access to courses/assignments. The Unicheck app understands LMS’s user roles (admin, teacher, student) and displays them on the interface with corresponding permissions.


Unicheck complies with the WCAG 2.0 standards, AA level. This allows the product to be accessible and used by as many people as needed. Unicheck states, “accessibility should be intended not only for people with disabilities but for everyone grateful that there are no obstacles to using their abilities.” For this reason, they offer voluntary product accessibility templates (VPAT) for educational establishments and companies, making it easier to comply with accessibility standards.

Secure System With Encrypted And Protected Data

Protection of data privacy is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a plagiarism detection technology for education. Unicheck takes this very seriously. Having built-in encryption and complying with software FERPA, they guarantee data protection. 

All data in transit is encrypted using the HTTPS protocol, while data at rest is encrypted using AWS encryption capabilities. Amazon RDS encrypted DB instances use the industry-standard AES-256 algorithm to encrypt data on the server-side. Encompassing the above aspects, AWS provides additional security capabilities and services to increase privacy while controlling network access. 


Even so, it will promptly notify the university of any data-related requests. This proves that Unicheck is always ready to cooperate in protecting the data privacy of its clients.

The Bottom Line

Technology and convenience are a big part of any software’s appeal. So, when choosing a plagiarism checker to integrate into your schools’ LMS, be mindful of the aspects under the hood that are just as important. In the context of academic integrity, they’ll have a direct impact on teaching performance and the student’s success.