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5 Best Practices For Booking A Cab On Time!


Gone are the days when booking a cab was not less than a head ache. The cabs were too few and quite difficult to get hold of, in times of need. You had to make several calls and then hunt down the nearest possible one and finally verify if it was possible to avail the required service to the desired location. And don’t even get me started on the time constraints! But now, things are much simpler and effortless. Booking a cab and getting a ride to anywhere at anytime is only a child’s play.

The cab-hailing space in India has been heating up the past few years and has seen such a phenomenal growth, in terms of ease and comfort. Read on to find out the five best practices for booking a cab on time.


Plan your ride in advance

We get the fact that you cannot possibly determine an emergency situation. It appears when least expected but when you do have sufficient time in hand, try planning your ride in advance. If you want to book a cab, do so much beforehand in order to avoid any last minute hassles which might delay your work.

Go the App way

Downloading the app makes things much simpler than you can imagine. A/C cab services to solve the problem of daily commute, just a click away! Your booking is instantly made. TaxiForSure, Ola, Uber and many more taxi services now have amazing apps that can locate you through maps and even provide some amazing offers on booking through their apps.

Find and Use the Coupons

Cabs are soon replacing the public and personal transport. You ask why? They are cheap and reliable. One of the best ways to make the most of your favorite cab service is to use the coupons, whenever you can. This can help you save some serous cash. Using offers available for Ola Cabs can at times even result in 100 percent cash back. How cool is that?


Take the Effort to Call the Driver

The moment you get the driver’s details on booking a cab through the app services, call him up and cross check his exact location just to be doubly sure that he will make it on time. If need be, you can resort to another booking service instead of waiting extra minutes for a cab that is not at a location near you. If you have a deadline to meet, then book in advance instead of getting all tied up at the eleventh hour.

Cab Pool

Many a times you will find people going to the same destination, or the same way. In such cases, try booking and hiring on sharing basis. It could be your office colleagues commuting to office or your friends going to that same party. Not only will you save some money but might also have a fun ride!


If you still insist on going the old-fashioned way, the black and yellow taxis are still in business but these drivers may have some tricks of their own. As someone who has fallen a victim to those several times, I suggest one must have some understanding of how a taxi meter works, and try to save on some money while saving some time.