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5 Essential Factors To Consider When Choosing Which Poker Format and Variant To Play


When you are starting to play poker online, you must decide which format and variant of poker you want to learn. At the start, you should only aim to concentrate on one game and then expand your specialty to other games with time. If you choose one variant to specialize in then progress to becoming a master in different formats and options, you will succeed. Apart from playing to win, it would be best if you also played for fun. Here are the factors to consider before choosing an option and format you will develop:

1. You Should Consider Profitability

You should consider how much money you can make from a particular game or variant of poker. The profit margins do not have a huge difference, so you need to look keenly before choosing one game. When you are still new, you should not play live tournaments because you are not likely to make much money than playing online. If you prefer to play live, you should consider cash games.

2. Consider The Complexity Of The Format

Tournament and cash games with substantial stack cash have more sophisticated strategies than games with shallow formats. It is challenging to learn more complex tricks, but once you become good at them, you will have an advantage over the more complicated forms. In the future, it’s easier to make the transition from complicated formats to simpler formats. For example, if you learn Situs Judi QQ, it would be easier to master a more straightforward game in the future.

3. You Should Consider Competition

The number of competitors is an essential factor to consider. Although the cash games have many advantages, the number of competitors is high, making it difficult to win even if you are right. Failing to assess your competition in a given format or variant is a big fail. Without a better understanding of your opponent, you have higher chances of losing

4. Consider The Excitement Caused The Variant

The fun and excitement of a game should matter to you. The more you enjoy a game, the more you are likely to win and feel happier. You should choose a game that you enjoy playing such that even if you lose, you have the satisfaction of enjoyment. The best way to go is to figure out and practice what you enjoy most. 

5. You Should Consider Availability Of The Variant

You should ensure that the game you choose is available in the online sites that you use. It does not make sense for you to become a pro at a game that is not available to you. You should also note that the less popular a variant is, the less competitive it is. Be sure to research and analyze how popular a game is and their future in online gambling history.

Before deciding on the poker variant and format you want to play, you should do a thorough analysis of different games like Situs Judi QQ and pick one which matters to you most. It’s even better to practice different variants until you find which you understand and enjoy the most.