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5 Myths About Phone System


The phone system is one of the crucial parts of our everyday life. Especially, during office hours. If you have a business of your own or you work in an office, you must know that communication is an important part. Without communication, your business shall never flourish. One of the easiest ways to improve your communication is through the phone system. Thanks to the advent of technologies that many businesses and enterprises got a virtual phone system.

But the problem with the phone system is that it has got some myths. To be more precise, many people claim some facts regarding the phone system which is not correct. Whether the people have been misinformed or they are telling that knowingly to confuse others is not the matter. The real fact is confusion has to be sorted out. In this article, we shall discuss 5 myths about the phone system as well as the real facts.

5 Myths Regarding the Phone System:

Now that we are at the main topic, it is time to know some of the common myths about the phone system.

1.No Need For The Phone System To Be Updated:

This is still a mystery as to why many people claim that any phone systems do not need to be updated. If the phone or any other android system does not get updated, then it may create a problem in the android. For example, internal memory loss or any other error. Updating your mobile phone or android fixes many internal operating issues. Secondly, if you have previously updated your android system then some then there is a possibility of a bug remaining in your phone system. With the help latest updated you can remove the bug. Moreover, updates fix security loopholes in your phone or android system as well. This is why this is totally a myth that you do not need to update your phone system.

2. Applications On The Mobile Store Are Secure:

Another myth regarding the phone system. Almost all the people throughout the globe have smartphones in their bags, purses or inside pockets. This means that those phones also have a store where one can download their preferred applications. Smartphone users either use the App Store or Google Play Store. And as usual, many users claim that all the applications available on the mobile store are completely secure. This one for sure is a myth. This is because many applications can hack your personal information or contact details saved on your phones. Other than that, almost all the applications use data from your phone. Even the games use mobile data from your phone. Another thing here is whenever you download any particular app, it takes on your phone storage. There are many applications which “eats away” half of your internal memory. As a result, you are unable to download any important applications. This is the reason you must keep only important and secure applications on your phone.

3. Passwords Keep Your Phone Safe:

Whether it is a myth or not shall be concluded later. The third myth states that the pins and passwords on your android are not enough to keep its system safe. Although it is true that these security steps help to keep your phone safe from the outsiders. Without your permission, it is impossible to gain access to your phone system. But keeping your system safe from the outsiders is not the end of the story. As mentioned above, if your phone does not get updated on a regular basis then there can be some possibilities of mobile error. The bugs in there can get exploited enabling your phone to be hacked easily. Hence, it is definitely a myth that passwords keep your phone system safe.

4. SMS Is A Secured Communication System:

This myth is absolutely true regarding any phone system. At least in Gmail, there is an advantage. Even if someone else accesses your Gmail account whether he/she has got your permission or not, you get notified about it. This helps you to take your next step in securing your account. But what about SMS? The SMS are never encrypted. Whether you have a pin in your phone system or not, the SMS is always at the risk of getting exposed. With or without security, anyone can access your private messages. Hence, this myth about SMS being a secured communication system is completely false.

5. Antivirus For Your Phone System Is Not Needed:

Why our phone system should acquire any antivirus? It is just a mere phone. If anybody thinks as such, they are definitely wrong. Not only computers or laptops but any android system can “catch a cold”, I mean get attacked by the virus. Your phone system is a mini version of your computer. It can easily infiltrate your phone through the internet. As a result, your contacts, email and any important information can get hacked. For that our phone systems need antivirus.


Like the points discussed above, there is much such myth regarding the phone system. Hence, it is important to know the actual facts rather than listening to things from outsiders.