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5 Useful Gadgets for Self Defense


Self-defense is a hot topic of conversation for many men and women who feel they need to be able to protect themselves when traveling in dangerous parts of town.

Buying gadgets for self-defense is a little bit tricky because the person who plans to use them needs to ensure that they are legal in the state that they live in. In the case of pepper spray and stun guns, they are not legal for civilian use in all states.

Here are our top 5 useful gadgets for self defense:

1. The Krubaton


The Krubaton is a tactical pen with a number of built-in functions. Firstly, because it looks and works like a normal pen, it is likely to be perfectly acceptable to carry around and doesn’t actually look dangerous. This pen even can be refilled using Park refillable cartridges.

Tactical pens can be used for writing, but also for protection. This titanium pen has a writing ability on one end and a glass-breaking point on the other end of the pen. Two caps cover either end of this pen which comes in Matte Gold, Matte Blue, or Brushed Titanium colors. With both caps fitted on, the pen can act as a pain compliance tool using the pen as a baton.

2. ZAP Blast Knuckles Stun Gun

ZAP Blast Knuckles Stun Gun

This stun gun is entirely different to other options available. It looks like a pair of brass knuckles but actually has a rubber coating with a contoured grip to it. The stun gun fits at the end of the “blast knuckles” and is capable of stunning an intruder or other unwanted individual from closing the gap between themselves and you. The product is ideally suited for joggers who venture out on trails alone and also for close-up confrontations where one can only grab the intruder in the dark rather than executing a well-aimed punch on target.

3. RSK Mk5 Survival Knife

RSK Mk5 Survival Knife

The RSK Mk5 survival knife is a compact knife that has a short, curved drop-point blade and fits into a black sheath. The blade itself has a blade with a high flat grind. The 0.75” chord can attach to a wrist, a backpack or other suitable place. The item is also small enough to fit into a jeans pocket and tie the cord to a belt loop.

This small blade can be used outdoors to gut fish caught in the river, to construct a primitive shelter or lean-to, or for self-defense.

4. Strong Umbrella

Strong Umbrella

A strong umbrella is what most people would like. This one only weighs 2 pounds but it can be strongly felt as a baton when used offensively. The Unbreakable Umbrella U-115 Walking Stick can be used as a walking stick, an umbrella, and a tool to strike opponents who don’t back away.

5. Griffin Grip

Griffin Grip

The Griffin Grip is a tiny wearable defensive tool that fits over one finger and can be used to strike an attacker. The tool which weighs only 2/10ths of an ounce works by striking pressure points on the body. It can be used to push down or with an open hand which is likely to confuse the attacker.

Self-defense is more important today than ever before. Can you recommend any other tools?