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5 Ways In Which The Digital Age Has Benefited Small Businesses


When running a small business, it is important for tasks to be completed with minimal complications and costs, in order to make the business as successful as possible. It’s often the case that these companies have less staff, so using your time effectively becomes vital. Luckily, the digital age simplifies a large amount of tasks, making life easier for small business owners and cutting costs dramatically. Here’s our list of the ways in which going digital can benefit your business:


Communication is easier

If you’re a small business, it sometimes isn’t cost or time-effective to travel around the country to meet clients. A decade or so ago, this would have been unavoidable, with associates having to waste hours driving to short meetings. The introduction of Skype, however, defeats this problem, allowing companies and clients an ease of communication that still remains personal. And, best of all, it’s free. So any minor issues can be solved at the click of a button.

You can get your message out there

Advertising can be out of reach financially for many small businesses, with radio adverts and billboards being very costly. However, the development of social media means that companies can get their business known across the world for free, without any extra help from external companies. There is a variety of websites to choose from including Twitter, Facebook and WordPress, so marketing can be tailored specifically for your needs. You can also talk to clients and customers directly, adding that personal touch to your services and ensuring repeat business.

Payments are easier

online Payments are easier

With online payments being easier than ever you can sell to anyone around the world in an instant. There’s no need to wait days for a cheque to arrive in the post anymore. E-Commerce tools offer anyone the ability to sell on their own website, which means you can advertise your products exactly how you want them and you don’t have to pay anyone a fee for doing so.

Networking is a breeze

Since the introduction of LinkedIn in 2003, it’s easier than ever to stay in contact with clients, associates and other professionals. There’s also opportunities to contact other businesses and increase your outreach without having to leave office. It’s a big improvement from the days of address books, that’s for sure.

Everything’s more organised

Remember when we had to have a filing cabinet full of paper to keep our information safe?

Remember when we had to search through those papers to find any required documents? Those were definitely not the good old days.

Luckily, we don’t need to do that anymore, as our documents can be easily organised on hard drives and online. A simple search can find us exactly what we need, which means we have more time to sort out other, more important, things, which can make your business even more organised and reduce costs. Even better.

It’s a good job we’ve gone digital, isn’t it?