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5 Ways To Promote Your Freelance Content Writing Business


The success of freelance content writers can be gauged from their online presence, even after they have stepped away from their computers. It means that the readers of these content writers remember them for an extended period, and don’t forget about them as soon as they are done reading their content. Therefore, it is quintessential for the content writers to keep in touch with their audience consistently.

However, that means the writers must continuously access their pages on the social media platforms and update their content to engage with their readers. While such an exercise might seem tedious to follow, there are a few easy ways to make your presence felt online, that too on a daily basis. So, don’t worry if you want to take the weekend off or want to go camping with your friends. Here are five ways to promote your freelance content writing business, without having to follow up on your progress every day.

  1. Use an Email Signature

If you are a freelance writer, you are most likely to be doing a lot of emailing. Most writers get hundreds of emails every week. Although not all of them are of significance, quite a few of them can be related to work or requests regarding taking up some writing work.

Using an email signature is an easy way of promoting your online writing services. You can include things like your phone number, skype address, and a headshot in your email signature. Thus, you will be more comfortable to access, and more people would start to know about you.

  1. House your portfolio at different places

The digital world is vast, and the Internet gives you the opportunity to embrace as much as you can. When it comes to freelance writers, they want to house their portfolio in as many places as possible. It merely means that you want your best work to be easily accessible, and have it in your niche.

You can have your portfolio on several numerous places, like on your website, on your social media pages. Contently is a site meant exclusively for portfolios, that you wouldn’t want to miss. It is advisable to use all of these options. Having your portfolio on different platforms will fetch you more clients. You can later update your resume with all your new client work.

  1. Start your blog

If maintaining a portfolio doesn’t prove adequate, starting your blog will undoubtedly deliver better results. Nothing can be better than having your potential clients have a look at your work whenever they want. It is one of the best ways of acquiring a business. You can further use your freelance writing site to blog about topics that you wish to get paid for writing.

Writing blogs will make samples always available in your niche. Just writing a blog on freelance writing and blogging will direct sufficient traffic to your website. If your work is engaging enough, the potential visitors can also be converted into subscribers.Therefore, regardless of what you blog about, your content will find takers if it is well-written, informative, correctly formatted, and can engage the audience.

  1. Stay in your niche

Many freelancers find it very challenging and prefer to delve into a range of topics and explore different niches. While no law bars someone from venturing into a new niche, staying within your niche enhances your credibility as a subject expert of that particular topic.

Take some time to find out what you want to write about. Once you find your groove and a niche that you are comfortable writing in, stick to that field. Build your portfolio in that niche. It will not only establish your authority within that niche but also help you in landing more business more yourself.

  1. Pin your Ad on Social Media

When you pin your content on Facebook or Twitter, it stays on the top of your feed and is easily visible to other people. Hence, nobody is likely to miss it. Your potential clients can figure out if you will prove fit for their requirements. Additionally, you can consider pinning a small ad of the services that you provide, and your website.