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6 Ways Smartphones Can Enable Economic Growth in Societies


Communication is one of the cornerstones to improving economic growth in any given location. As technology develops and becomes more readily available, countries once without mobile devices are experiencing greater success. Thanks to smartphones, this communication can be delivered in a number of ways. Voice, email and even apps are all utilized to help improve the financial station of millions of people. Instead of viewing the mobile device as a toy or the means to send a text message, you can view it more as a tool in order to improve your life in many different ways.

Direct Communication

One problem many people have with trying to find a job is the inability to accept phone calls from employers. Without a stable and reliable method in which to communicate, many find themselves still looking for work. What makes mobile technology such an improvement is the capacity for people to accept phone calls whether they are home or not. This reduces the risk of missing calls from potential companies looking to hire an individual.

VoIP and Messaging Over WiFi

VoIP and Messaging Over WiFi

Using Voice-Over-IP or other messaging systems over WiFi means that a smartphone user doesn’t necessarily need a phone carrier service in order to communicate. As long as the person is within range of the home wireless Internet router or a free public WiFi access point, he or she can send and receive messages in order to remain productive throughout the day.

Business Efficiency

The apps available on smartphones are capable of allowing an individual to maintain efficiency in the workplace. This not only saves money for the company, but it can also enhance the productivity of the employee. Time is one of the most wasted aspects in any company. The smartphone cuts this drain on finances through the use of applications tailored for the workplace.



Mobile commerce is a fast-growing trend where most online purchases are derived from smartphones. This means that those individuals operating online stores from their homes can potentially make more money by marketing products to those devices. Whether it’s through the use of purchasing apps or mobile-friendly websites, selling goods online has never been easier.


Smartphones can connect virtually anyone to information regarding almost any topic instantly. As a form of self-education, facts can be delivered quickly and efficiently to help anyone during any moment. It’s all about controlling the knowledge and presenting yourself as a professional. The smartphone can give you the tools necessary to deliver that experience whether you’re at a job or speaking with a potential client.

App Development

Since the advent of smartphones, apps have been developed in great supply. Many of these have been created by people that needed work who had programming skills. In today’s mobile-driven world, the right app could make someone a success almost over night. Instead of looking for a programming job at some large company, individuals are now capable of freelancing or developing their own applications.

Some of the world’s leading businessmen and women have put efforts into providing technology for the less fortunate. These individuals realize the value of certain technologies to benefit society while embracing philanthropist views, such as those of Najib Mikati – son of Azmi Mikati. Smartphones have played a role in the development of many countries around the world because of enhanced telecommunication. Take advantage of what your mobile device can do for you and optimize your own lifestyle.