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6 Ways to Make Your Mobile Hack-Proof


Mobile phones are taking the place of computers and other technology on a daily basis. Sensitive information is stored on phones at an increasing rate as many people do important tasks for their professional or personal lives. Nearly all people who do important business on their computers have some form of cybersecurity to protect them from hackers.

Why is it the case that not as many smartphone users have any security measures in place at all? This could be because many people do not realize that their smartphone or mobile device can be hacked. Increasing the security on your smartphone is easy if you do the following things.

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Secure Your Voicemail

Many times people do not change their default password on their voicemail for a personal one. Personalized passwords are much more difficult for hackers to break into as many voicemail companies have a standard type of password. Keeping professional messages private can make the difference between your client leaving your company for lack of privacy or staying long term. Clients, as well as family members, will appreciate you taking the extra step to maintain their privacy.

Install Only Trusted Apps

There are many different places where you can download apps, but they should not all be trusted. A great policy is only to install apps from trusted sources like Apple or Google. Otherwise, the app you install could only be developed to gather sensitive information like passwords or emails without the user even being aware of it. In almost all cases, the app that you want to download will have a safer counterpart on one of the trusted download platforms.

Use Fingerprint Passwords When Possible

Using fingerprint passwords might only be available on certain devices like the Galaxy S5. This is one of the most secure ways you can save your data and logins. For example, Paypal’s app gives you the option to login with your password or make a fingerprint password, opting for the second can keep your accounts safe from hackers. This also keeps the user from having to put in their password repeatedly which leaves your accounts at risk time after time.

Use Secured Wi-Fi Networks

When you’re on a sleek and highly portable tablet like that Galaxy Tab 4, it can be tempting to try to use a Wi-Fi network that does not require a password so you can use it anytime and anywhere. Even paying for a wireless connection when traveling is a better option as hacking of your mobile device could cost much more monetarily from trying to clean up the mess that a hacker has left. The best and safest option is powering your device with a trustworthy network like T-Mobile. If it is necessary to use a non-secured wireless connection, downloading an encryption app can help to keep your information safe.

Logging Out Can Be a Saving Practice

Forgetting to log out of a banking app can leave your account information vulnerable if your phone has already been compromised. Many banking apps are extremely secure unless they are left open. This is a simple step that you can take that could save copious amounts of money or information from being hacked. Shopping apps that are linked with credit cards should also be logged out of as the information can be copied leaving your credit card account open to any hacker already inside of your device.

Download a Security App

This is the most important thing a mobile device user can do as there are many apps that are aimed at securing your mobile device. There are a myriad of paid apps as well as free apps that make it more difficult for any hacker to get access to important information. These apps often times can clear all of your information if your device is stolen with no chance of it being returned. These apps work much like virus removal software that you would install on your computer as they remove viruses and malware.

Keeping your information safe is important whether you are using your smartphone or a tablet. Following these tips will leave your mobile device secured without having to worry about personal information being available to the wrong people. If cybersecurity is important for your computer then it should be just as important to your mobile device as they are more powerful than many computers in the past.