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7 Incredible Gaming Technology Advancements That Are Now Real


Video games reached the mainstream during the eighties but what was then reality is far from what we see now. We are faced with countless amazing technological advances that nobody ever thought were probable in the past. Gaming surely has a bright future, especially since we have access to technology like the following. 

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology and 3D scanning allow you to create your exact likeness in a game. Creating a custom avatar is easier than ever and you can even transfer the expressions you have into digital creations. With devices like the RealSense Intel 3D camera, developers are now able to create games that can actually adapt to gamer emotions. This is possible by scanning almost 80 parts of a human face. 

Voice Recognition

Voice-controlled video gaming is not new but technology is advancing and computers can so easily recognize commands these days. The gaming console can be turned on and you can even control some gameplay with voice commands. This gaming technology makes it easy to interact on a social network, play games and search the internet. 

Gesture Controls

Gesture controls allow you to completely remove the need to use controllers. You can actually play FPS games with just some hand waving. Obviously, you cannot join something as complex as WOW BFA raids but you can use the 3D camera to track 22 hand points. Your gestures allow you to connect with the game in a completely new way as you use natural body movements. 

Incredible Graphics

If we take a look at how games looked like 10 years ago and we compare that with what is possible now, the difference is monumental. Gamers can actually experience fully rendered 3D worlds that use photorealistic textures. Playability is increased with the use of really high-quality images and you end up feeling just like you are inside the video game. 

High Definition Displays

Gaming graphics are better than ever and we are only aware of this because of the fact that Ultra 4K gaming technology was developed. TV sets with support of over 4,000 pixels are more affordable than ever. Initially, they cost thousands. Now they are considered to be the standard when it comes to gaming. Crispness and colors are unbeatable and 4K is simply miles in front of what we now all know, 1080p

Virtual Reality

We simply cannot talk about advanced gaming technology without mentioning virtual reality. Most of the VR gaming consoles are not commercially released but the VR headsets are offering incredibly immersive experiences that nobody actually expected to appear so soon. It is so easy to lose yourself in a game and this technology is soon going to be completely accessible to everyone. 

Augmented Reality

Last but not least, augmented reality allows you to see a unique gaming perspective. Real-world spaces are modified with game elements, making everything interesting. As an example, you can end up playing some air hockey right on your kitchen counter. This makes gaming a part of the real world.