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7 Things About General News Your Boss Needs To Know


Business is an information driven sector. The more information that one has the more valuable they are. Possession of information or the ability to prove presence of this information is what probably got your bosses to where they are. This is regardless of whether this information is from a formal sources like a college degree or from informal sources like years of experience. An important source of information that is critical in business operations in the news. News will keep decision makers up to date with current affairs. Listed below are 7 Things about general news that your boss wants needs to know. This will come in handy when your opportunity to display leadership worthy information comes along.

Seven things about General News

All news is biased. This is true because very story teller sympathizes with one side more than the other.

    1. News is only valuable until there is new information
    2. There are many sources of general news today. Formal sources like newspapers and televised news bulletins. Informal avenues such like social media. Even online casinos such as Casinoaus casino have their own news where the winners of multi-million dollar jackpots are announced.
    3. Not all news sources are to be trusted. The internet has given a voice to everyone. However not everyone uses this privilege responsibly. Some News that is now available is completely false.
    4. Being on the news, whether for good reasons or bad reasons, is good. Ultimately it is all free publicity.
    5. Media/news opinions are not public opinions. This was classically displayed in the 2016 American presidential elections. Clinton who was portrayed as the favourite on most news stations went on to lose the election.
    6. The value of news changes from one person to the other. So it is essential to get all the news even that which is buried in the middle of a News Brief.

If knowledge really is half the battle then you are certified ready for the information war!