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A Beginners Guide To Playing A Bitcoin Casino


If you’re reading this article, the chances are that you will know how a traditional casino works. A typical online casino allows payments and transactions to take place (these being deposits and bets) through use of traditional currency such as pounds, dollars and euros. A bitcoin casino however is quite different – it allows only bitcoin currency to be used for all transactions, including bets and deposits. Read about bitcoin casino in Japan here.

You may be wondering why on earth this is necessary or even considered. Bitcoin casinos however do offer a number of advantages that normal casinos that use traditional currencies simply could not. Let’s go through a few of these before we look at how to play it on a bitcoin casino.

Playing on a bitcoin casino allows players to play completely anonymously. This is due to the nature of Bitcoin – if you hold bitcoin cryptocurrency, it is stored in an online wallet that is accessible only by a key. This wallet is not associated with your name or address. In other words, you cannot be personally identified by your bitcoin wallet/account. This means that any payments that you make with your bitcoin wallet, in this case to the Bitcoin casino and what you are playing, you cannot be identified. This is extremely advantageous to those players that would not like to be seen playing on a casino or gambling their money. It can also be extremely advantageous to those players that are playing on a casino in a country in which gambling is either frowned-upon or is not legal. The complete anonymity of Bitcoin allows for users to play from wherever they are in the world, just as they would be able to on a normal online casino, but without being able to be personally identified from the transactions that are made between themselves and the Casino on which they are playing.

However, due to the very nature of cryptocurrency and bitcoin itself, playing on a bitcoin casino can be more risky and terms of the value of your money than playing on a casino that operates only with traditional currency. Bitcoin is a lot more volatile than traditional currencies such as dollars or pounds sterling. This means that, if you pay a certain amount of bitcoins from your bitcoin wallet into your bitcoin casino account online, this number of bitcoins well indeed stay the same but could evaluate to a lesser amount of traditional currency without being touched by you the following day. This is because bitcoin can change in value a lot more quickly than traditional currency can – this should be a consideration particularly if you are transferring a large amount of bitcoins into your account.

Although a cryptocurrency, bitcoin is in fact a very secure way to do things online – not just gambling. Because of the fact that bitcoin offers complete to user anonymity, uses of a casino are not as susceptible to fraudulent attacks or identity theft should the casino itself be susceptible to a malicious attack. This is because the only details that you as a bitcoin casino customer will have registered with a casino is perhaps an email address and nothing else – all other transactions are transferred directly from your Bitcoin wallet to your casino account!