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A Sign of the Times: The Growth of Competitive Gaming around the World


The evolution of technology has changed our lives in many different ways over the years. The ways in which we work, learn, socialise and have fun have all changed as a result of modern technology. Many of us tend to rely on tech such as high speed internet for work, turn to modern devices like smart phones and tablets to socialise with friends on social network sites, and turn to online learning to expand our knowledge and education.

Another area that has enjoyed impressive levels of success in today’s digital age is the world of entertainment. Our interests and the way in which we enjoy entertainment have changed radically in today’s digital era and one form of entertainment that has rocketed in popularity of online gaming.

competitive gaming

A popular form of entertainment amongst players and fans

Of course, online and video gaming has been a popular form of entertainment for years. However, these days gaming is no longer seen as just entertainment but as an exciting and thrilling sport in the form of competitive gaming. Most people would associate competitive events with traditional sporting activities but in today’s world gaming has also become known as a sport with players battling it out on screen and in stadiums while spectators watch with bated breath to see who will reign victorious.

Fans of EE gaming are now even able to take to a betting site such as Betway in order to place bets on various games and tournaments. Want to keep on top of the online League of Legends action at this betting site? Well, fans can keep up with all of the latest information and action at Betway as well as place bets on LOL and a variety of other popular EE sports games such as DotA2 and Starcraft 2.

The growth of EE competitive gaming is reflected in a number of ways. This is a sport where there is big money to be won, with some people making their fortunes through their gaming talent. It is also a sport that attracts spectators from around the world and from a range of backgrounds. People flock to stadiums and venues to enjoy the excitement of these events with many others watching online.

So, what is the future for competitive gaming across the globe? Well, as most of us know technology continues to evolve and change at lightning speeds and this can only mean good news for sports such as this. These are activities that rely on digital evolution and with such rapid advancements in the world of technology it seems that the future certainly does look very bright for both fans and players in the world of EE gaming.