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Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed During the Hiring Process


The hiring process is stressful for job seekers, but it can also be overwhelming and stress-riddled for those who work in human resources. Although it’s a vital part of running any business, it’s a lot of work.

These are the best ways to ensure the process goes smoothly for everyone involved!

Keep Track of Who You’re Talking To

Your company must use an applicant tracking system or some other resource that will allow you to track your applicants.  This will tell you what sites they came from, information that you need to know about their application, and whether you’ve reviewed their resume already.

Keeping track of your employees in this way will allow you to gain traction and keep up with the constant needs and struggles of this process.

Seek Employee Referrals Out

Employee referrals are an incredible way to ensure that you’re getting great applicants from the start.  These referrals will allow you to reward employees for bringing in new workers and let you get a clear view of someone before you have to read through their application.

Employees understand that their reputation is on the line when they bring in a referral and will ensure that only good things come of that.

Set A Schedule for Every Step of the Process

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose track of what you’re doing while working on hiring.  Because of this, you must set a schedule for when each part of the hiring process will begin.

For instance, this could mean leaving job openings public for a couple of weeks, and then scheduling interviews for the following week, and announcing who’s hired the week after that.  This can feel strange, especially since many companies want to wait as long as possible so they can get all of the worthy applicants they can find, but keeping it on a schedule ensures that you won’t have the hiring schedule staggered out into a large mess of people and dates.

Ensure That Training and Welcoming are Well Planned

After you’ve hired employees, training is paramount.  You have to be sure that they’re trained on what matters most to the company and how they should do their job and treat the people around them.  If you don’t go in-depth enough, this can lead to people thinking that harassment and other poor behavior are okay.  

Talk To Employees About What Would Have Helped Them

Speak to employees who are each in different parts of their career.  This can range from those who have worked with the company for dozens of years to those hired less than six months ago.

Ask them what parts of the hiring process were the most stressful for them and which features they wish would be improved upon.  This can be depressing to hear if you’re the one who hired and trained them, but you must know what needs to be fixed so that it’s not repeated with future employees.