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Awesome Benefits of PPC Advertising


Pay per click – or PPC – advertising is a great way of putting yourself onto the front page of the major search engines. Combined with a great SEO strategy, it is an effective way of getting more focus on your business. That’s for both on a national and, perhaps more importantly, local stage. Here are some of the core benefits to think about if you want to embrace PPC.


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It can double up your presence in the search engine

If you outbid your competitors, then you will find yourself at the top of the search engines every time. And, if you have a robust SEO strategy in place, you can even double up your presence on page one of Google, Bing, and whoever else you like. That means more impressions, more chances of clicks through to your site, and, hopefully, more sales. Even if you don’t get the clickthroughs, the fact that your name is attached to that keyword has an effect when the visitor decides to search again.  

You can target your marketing

The way that PPC ads are designed means that you can target your market with a razor-sharp focus. You can choose specific phrases that people will use to find products like yours, and home in on your local market. If nobody else in your area sells what you do, you should be able to clean up for people looking for that product where you are based.

It’s cheaper than traditional ads

Think of the millions of pounds that are spent on TV ads by big companies. Small businesses just can’t compete with them, but the playing field is a lot more level when it comes to PPC ads. While it is true that some search terms are incredibly expensive, a little creativity can yield dramatic results. If you can find similar search terms and keywords that are often used but cost little, it’s going to give you great outcomes.

You can test until you get it right

Marketing is all about refining your message, and it’s simple to do with PPC ads. Just stay on top of them and find out what is working, and discard or change what isn’t. If you are struggling to set up tests, then contact a pay per click management company who can help you nail down what you need. If there is one great thing about PPC, it’s that it helps you refine your message into a short, sharp delivery. Get it right, and you will see a dramatic increase in visitors.

It helps you focus on conversion

Conversion is everything for online businesses. If you are getting hundreds or thousands of visitors every day through your PPC ads, but no-one is buying, it’s clear that you have a problem. So, the very nature of PPC ads means that it will help you find out what isn’t converting on your website, and it can also give you the tools you need for change. Again, testing should be at the core of what you do here. Set up different landing pages and compare the results. Get rid of what works, and refine what does. All these little incremental changes will have a big effect on your sales when combined.