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Bad Workplace Habits Holding You Back And Technology That Can Help Change Them


No one is the perfect employee all the time. Everyone has their fair share of bad days not to mention “shortcomings” that they often need to work on or through to become a more efficient employee. Be that as it may, there are some habits that can hinder your ability to climb the corporate ladder or even accomplish your daily tasks efficiently. The continuation of these habits could result in serious consequences including the loss of your job.

Bad habits can be hard to break. Despite knowing the consequences of how these actions or behaviors are holding you back, it can be hard to stop the cycle and make improvements on your own. Fortunately, there is a multitude of technological resources available to individuals which can make such changes easier. Below is a look at some of the most common bad habits in the workplace and tech solutions to getting on the right track:


There was a time when being a good multi-tasker was viewed as a great skill to have as an employee, however, times have changed. It has been determined that when a person tries to focus on more than one task at a time (especially detailed assignments), their quality fades. This leaves more room for error.

Task management, event planning, and calendar applications are all ideal for helping to break this bad habit in the workplace. Such applications allow users to map out their day from one minute to the next ensuring they are making the most use of their time without weighing themselves down.

Smoking Cigarettes

Though the number of people who smoke cigarettes has decreased over the years there are still a lot of employees who crave their daily dose of tobacco and nicotine and feel they can’t go without it. This results in them taking too many breaks to smoke or slowed productivity due to withdrawal symptoms if they don’t smoke on the clock. :

If you smoke cigarettes chances are your tobacco addiction is going to cause you to feel like you need to take a break for a smoke. Switching to an alternative like the best vape pod system can help to reduce your urge to take fifteen. As you can opt for vaping liquids with low or no nicotine or tobacco, you may have an easier time kicking the habit altogether. When you find and buy from a premium vape juice supplier you can trust that the products you are getting are high-quality and labeled correctly on their packaging.

Social Media Overload

Social media has been integrated into every aspect of life. Though previously used for personal reasons, it isn’t uncommon to see businesses and their staff utilizing social media applications to enhance their brand, interact with customers, and conduct business. Be that as it may, it can be very easy to become distracted by social media notifications reducing productivity.

Fortunately, there are applications you can download to your phone or computer that will help you in reducing your use of social media in the workplace. Social media management applications are great for employees who manage several accounts to reduce the time they spend on each platform. However, there are other applications that you can place restrictions and block times on notifications so that you can get more done throughout the workday.

Old habits can be hard to break, but when you consider the consequences of losing your job or ruining your business breaking the habit should be a top priority. If you’ve been struggling in these areas or others, be sure to do some research on innovative technological software, devices, and applications that can make it easier. With the implementation of such resources, it won’t be long before you see improvements in your productivity and quality of work.