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Become An Independent Trucker With This Innovative And Disruptive Smartphone App


Do you like the open road and making money without incurring massive student debt? Then independent trucking may be for you. The trucking industry is facing a dearth of new drivers, and this was listed as the topmost critical concern for the sector by industry reports. While there are many reasons as to why trucking faces a recruitment problem, a mobile app developer thinks the problem could be alleviated with an app. Indeed, an innovative new app called HWY Pro is positioning itself to potentially disrupt one of the biggest industries in North America.

What is HWY Pro?

HWY Pro was conceptualized by Bill Busbice, a veteran entrepreneur with extensive experience in the trucking sector. He believes HWY Pro has the potential to become the “Uber for truckers.” The aim of the app is to streamline freight transport by independent truckers in the same vein as how Uber streamlined the commuting business. HWY Pro is exclusively aimed at independent drivers, so that they can make their small operations more efficient by outsourcing time-consuming tasks related to organizing a load.

Independent truck drivers often struggle to function as lucrative small businesses because the drivers have to spend hours interacting with intermediaries and dispatchers to arrange loads. Trucking is only cost-effective if the load justifies the fuel cost. The traditional way of doing this is highly inefficient. HWY Pro is aiming to change that and allows truckers to “just drive.” Here are some of the benefits independent truck drivers can enjoy with HWY Pro:

Semi-Automated Load Dispatching

Instead of calling shippers, users of HWY Pro can find suitable loads and book a load with 6 taps or less on the screen! This semi-automated process is facilitated because the app has freight specialists who negotiate the prices on behalf of the truckers. All truckers have to do is open the app, scroll through the loads, and book those preferred, based on the location. The freight specialists will make sure the load arrives where the truck stops.

Smart Route Planning

One of the biggest hassles of being a trucker is waiting at truck stops staring at load boards for new cargo to arrive. With HWY Pro, truckers can arrange the loads to arrive at the truck stop as they pull up. This is facilitated by the smart route planning feature. Independent owner-operators can plan routes calculating the fuel costs and load capacity in advance. The freight team can recommend the best pickup locations and ensure that the load arrives there.

Insights Engine

Insights Engine is a yet another smart tool that the app makes available to users. With it, independent drivers can know what’s happening at a destination city so truckers won’t have to fear being stranded.

Instant Notifications

The app makes instant notifications available as new loads become available. Truckers can always check the notifications to plan the route in the most fuel-efficient manner.

HWY Pro takes most of the hassle out of being an independent truck driver. With the app, truckers can eliminate hours of time wasted and be more productive on a daily basis. HWY Pro will be rolled out soon to major app markets. Until then, the app is ready for download on hwypro.com.