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Benefits Of iPad Based POS System


The POS (Point of Sale) system today is one of the must have software for any business enterprise. To make it even more beneficial, the software is now available on mobile devices. Keeping a tab on the business while on move is no issue today. But that isn’t the end of benefits. Taking the example of one such system is Lavu iPad POS. One can get a glimpse of the benefits that an iPad based POS system or so to say any mobile based POS system can provide.

Types of POS System

Currently, the POS systems are having two models based on the fee that charged for each credit card swipe. One is the Monopoly Model and the other is the Partner Model.

In the Monopoly model, The PayPal Mobile, Intuit Go-Payment and Square the credit card processor supplies the subscriber a free reader.  While, in the Partner Model, the NCR Silver, ShopKeep and Vend, the concerned business pays a monthly software licence fee against the usage of the POS software.

Both the models, a part of the payment done goes to the credit card company and this part called as “interchange fee.”

But whether you are using any of the above models, what you receive as benefits are the same and written below:

1. Captivating Looks

Starting right from looking at the POS on iPad, it gives you the elegant feeling of using something that might serve you as good as it looks. The app uses soothing colours that never goes hard on the eyes. Every menu in the POS has got a soft-landing approach logically divided under the broad categories.

2. All Inclusive Customer Information

The mobile technology for POS has advanced enough to understand the importance of customer information. The software has allowed the customers to have their receipts emailed to them once they sign up for the mailing list while checking out from the from the home screen.

3. Smooth and User-Friendly Customer Interaction

The POS designed for iPad is framed on a wooden stand that has a custom-built and it is made to swivel towards the customer to make it easy for them to sign for the credit card receipts. However, it is just an option for the customer to choose if they need a printed receipt.

4. Inventory and Up-To-The-Minute Sales Tracking

The most significant benefit of retail POS software is that one can get instant check on the inventory, keep a track on the real-time sales, and get immediate access to the detailed analytics on selling and everything related directly from the cloud.

5. Access to Data-Driven Sales Reports from “Back Office”

The POS is upgrading to enormous possibilities every day. To keep the latest information on hand, it has included Data-Driven Sales Reports updated from the “Back Office”, hours tracking in which the employer gets a check on the clock in and out for each employee at their starting and closing of shifts.

The Bottom Line

For those who want to save their business money, Partner POS model would be the recommended one. On the other hand, Monopoly POS model makes sense when the average transaction number is lower. So, while 5-star hotels, big business house brand prefer Partner POS, comparatively small business enterprises like food carts, coffee shops, garment shops and the like would be benefited with the Monopoly POS system.

To sum up, the mobile users especially the iPad users get 24/7 support, once they get a POS system on their handset. While on the move, on vacation and in any other situation, the business never slips out of the hand for a moment. The POS system on your iPad lets you know about the latest updates of your enterprise. The system lets you relax with everything at your fingertips at the end of the day.