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Best Casino Games For Playing On Mobile


More gamers are turning to Smartphones these days and with so many games designed for mobile it can be hard to know where to start when deciding on your game of choice! Read on for some tips on choosing the best game for your mobile play.

Smartphones for Mobile Gaming

All the best Smartphones today have great capabilities for supporting mobile gaming. As shown at https://onlinebingo.co.uk, a whole range of games can be enjoyed at the touch of a button from your mobile phone, from table games, such as roulette and blackjack, to slots and online bingo. But some mobile phones are definitely better than others if you are looking for a device to enjoy your gaming. Similarly, some games are better suited to different mobiles.

Screen Size and Resolution

The size of the screen pays a big part in mobile gaming. If your screen is too small then you won’t be able to see all areas of the game and enjoy it as much. The mobile phone resolution also needs to be high so that you can enjoy the graphics clearly. This is especially important when playing slots, as these games often have storylines with video introductions, often including movie clips. However, if your phone spec is on the lower side, some of this enjoyment will be lost.

Best Games for High Spec Phones

If you have a top of the range mobile, such as a Samsung Galaxy S8, then video slots are perfect games to play on the move. You will be able to enjoy great colours, sound effects and smooth graphics which can make the game even better than playing on PC. Games such as superhero slots and slot games based on famous movies will play well on a high quality phone with a high resolution and fast processor.

Best Games for Lower Resolution Phones

If you have a lower screen resolution or more of a budget mobile phone, then the best slot games will lose some of their edge. For slightly less high spec phones, card games and bingo games are great. With these games there is less need for perfect, smooth video and the games are just as enjoyable on a lower spec phone. This is because the gameplay for bingo games and card games, such as blackjack or poker, relies less on fancy videos and graphics. The enjoyment is more about the game itself than the looks of the graphics and speed of the gameplay.

Best Slots for Mobile

Although slots are great for high spec mobile play, there are lots of slots options for lower spec phones. Video slots are the games of choice for the mobiles with fast processors and the biggest, brightest screens, but simpler slots are also great on lower spec handsets. For example, 3 reel slots and fruit machines are perfect for a lower resolution screen as the gameplay is slower in general. Plus, part of the enjoyment of retro slots is the nostalgia element and this is related to the simplicity of the game, so a lower resolutions phone will not detract from the enjoyment here at all – in fact, it could even add to the retro feel!

Some great options for lower spec phones include slots such as Wheel of Chance, Snow Wonder, Wacky Panda and Wild Cherry. Some 5 reel slots with simple graphics include King Tiger, Aztec Power, Sweet Reels and Dr Love. All these games work brilliantly on simple Smartphones and lose none of their entertainment value.

Free Games on Mobile

In addition to playing for real money at online casinos and online bingo sites, you can also play for free on mobile. You can find blackjack, baccarat, bingo and even sports betting with mobile apps available on Smartphones, such as 25-in-1 casino and sportsbook app.

There are also free slots available from apps such as Big Fish Games. For blackjack fans there are more options, such as Blackjack 21HD, which lets you get more chips in exchange for viewing adverts. If you look carefully, you can also find similar free gaming options for Texas hold’em, keno, video poker and more great games with slots tournaments also an option.

Whether you are looking for play casino games and bingo games on your brand new top-of-the-range mobile or your older Smartphone, there are hundreds of fantastic games to enjoy. With all the biggest casinos now available on mobile, you’ll be spoiled for choice!