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Best Identity Theft/ Security Blogs That You Have To Read In 2018


Online security is the hottest topic in the IT in 2018. If you work in the IT industry then it is important to know the latest news and happenings in the online security and privacy. One way to stay updated is checking the popular online security blogs. In this post check the best identity theft/ security blogs to read in 2018.

1. Graham Cluley@gcluley

No longer is everybody who desires to keep up with the latest InfoSec information and traits a technical professional or even individual.  There is not a necessity always that the analysis which is examined to be stuffed with technical jargon or dense policy discussion. This web blog from UK-based anti-virus professional Graham Cluley is resourceful of information if you digest many cybersecurity facts channels. On the other hand, to the point, and with a sense of humor, Cluley and his participants offer perception into the latest big news subjects and diverse range of their personal security pursuits. The website also features video and podcasts.

2. Troy Hunt@troyhunt

Troy Hunt is course developer of Pluralsight and Australian Microsoft Regional Director. This doesn’t mean that he works for Microsoft but he looks after the security as a technical consultant. An enterprise IT expert with a background at Pfizer, Hunt pours his interest in all things InfoSec into his blog. He does nicely maintain, updated with a minimum weekly publishing schedule, given his globe-trotting lifestyle speaking at occasions and handing over guides.

3. Schneier on Security@schneierblog

Schneier is labeled as the “security guru” by the Economist and useful resource for gathering the online security blogs. However, Bruce Schneier’s credentials in cyber safety have more potential than that. The author of 13 books, Schneier is a Harvard fellow who specializes in cryptography, algorithms, and protocol analysis.  He contributes a regular circulate of essays to national and worldwide courses within the US.  In case you need expert insight into the general impact of technology on day to day’s life, malware and security policy then this weblog is crucial for analyzing.

4. Security Affairs@securityaffairs

The blog does a high-quality task mimicking the style and presentation of much bigger publications. Security Affairs was crowned the best blog for European security by Infosecurity Europe. Paganini works as the strategist analyst for the EU, G7 and Italian government and also an editor of cyber defense Magazine. His site includes the news and in-depth insights of major cyber attacks and hacking trends. Paganini does a lot of research work.  It is the blog for all those who like cyber security analysis including the regular updates.

5. Hacker Combat@Hacker_Combat

It is the perfect blog for learning the latest updates about the cybersecurity world. Learn from the security experts and safeguard your enterprise from the various IT security threats. This blog provides all the information related to IT security. You can also get the expert analysis and forums related to cybersecurity to enhance your knowledge. The online security network additionally serves as a perfect platform for organizing various events, developing start-ups and helps several people as well as security geeks.

6. Threat Post@threatpost

There shouldn’t be any confusion to risk level as Threat post is one such blog that is maintained by the Russian security expert and antivirus developer Kaspersky Labs. It brings you news of the latest most important IT safety threats, covering ransomware, hacks, phishing scams and acknowledged software program bugs and vulnerabilities. Featuring a podcast and video webcast in addition to written articles, it additionally throws in masses of content material on mobile and cloud safety, authority’s coverage from around the world, and cryptography.

7. Elite Personal Finance@ElitePersonalFi

It is the blog which provides useful information related to identity theft with useful posts and guides. It mainly focuses to publish the information related to finance including credit report, loans, identity theft, Credit cards, etc. You can take the important financial decisions avoiding risks by regularly updating your knowledge from this site.

8. IT Security Guru@IT_SecGuru

An expert news and source of valuable information InfoSec and more than a weblog, IT security Guru is nevertheless turning into crucial reading within the career. If you need a service which aggregates all of the trendy information on cybersecurity multi-function vicinity, then IT Security Guru is the right place to look. It publishes a reachable ‘Top 10 Stories from around the Web’ phase every morning. This kind of exquisite activity preserves the identity theft. It also produces the best publication called ‘Scam of the week’ which includes in-depth insights about the cyber attack.

9. Security Weekly@securityweekly

It provides the insightful blog on cybersecurity in video layout. It is also called Paul’s security weekly after its author and host, Paul Asadoorian. The information on the site can be accessed in three different formats- video, an audio podcast, or in case you opt for. The shows can be watched on channels such as YouTube, iTunes, RSS Video, Audio and sound cloud. The blog publishes a weekly show focused on discussions of the big issues in the cybersecurity and identity theft. Additionally, it also shows the news related to security in the enterprise security weekly. This blogging is suitable for the multimedia generation.

10. KrebsonSecurity@briankrebs

Brian Krebs, the author of the blog krebonsecurity started his career with the journalist profession unlikely to many other InfoSec bloggers. He doesn’t come from the technical background. However, he started with numerous investigations into hacking and the criminal underworld. This helped him to specialize in the security issues and identity theft. This is now the major source of earning to him. He is also the author of the book Spam Nation. His blog showcase the high profile security and cybercrime news with insight and in-depth analysis.

These are some of the useful blogs for online security and identity theft that you must read in 2018. This will not only provide valuable information but also helpful in taking the important financial and business related decisions avoiding the risks.