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Best Practices For Creating GoPro Videos


It takes practice to create great videos, and whether you’re hoping to become a professional photographer or just wanting to make great videos from home, vacation, or trip, you need to practice.

Although the practice is important, choosing the best equipment is equally important. You can shoot a great video for your collection using the GoPro model.


Have A Plan Or Script

A more advanced trick is to plan your shots before the trip while shooting with your GoPro, it is good to ensure you get what you need to edit the video. You have to plan for it, and it doesn’t have to be a long process, but it will help in making videos more seriously.

Tell A Story

The biggest part of having a great GoPro video is that you’re telling a whole story. Make sure you’re filming all the things that lead to the main event you’re planning on shooting to give your video context. Make sure your video has a starting scene, mid-scene, and end scene. By telling the audience how you got there, where you are, or why they should care, too many videos start right at the action. Great footage is beautiful, but the one with storytelling is great.

If you’re on a surf trip, for example, you’ll want to film more than shredding waves on your journey. If it’s an international trip, tell the whole story by starting filming on the way to your destination at the airport. Capture your emotions; if you talk to the camera comfortably about how you’re feeling right now, if you’re not comfortable–do it anyway; it will help you get comfortable, and if you don’t like it, leave it out when you edit the video. Let the people watch your GoPro video experience and see everything in the process.

Using The Zoom Function

One common mistake people make is the overuse of the zoom feature. This results in amateur-looking videos that can make the spectators dizzy. If you need to zoom in and out, do so slowly, and make sure it’s steady. Whenever possible, stop using the digital zoom, and use optical zoom instead. While this might not get you as close to your subject as you would like, you’ll benefit from better quality videos.

Framing Your Shots Well

Make sure you have the subject/target filled in the frame. To make the scene more visually appealing, you may position the subject slightly off-center. Using big shots rather sparingly, and rely more on your setting’s wide-sweeping shots if you want to show the place. Focusing on the little details will allow you to express the atmosphere more effectively.

Choosing Vantage Points

To get the best footage, you can take the video from several vantage points. This will give you an exciting mix of a range of shots and can help heighten the best moments of drama. Based on your setting, you should be using the best shooting angle. This means that depending on the scene you wish to capture, you may need to kneel or climb high.

Consider The Lighting

Lighting is crucial when taking video shooting. Use backlighting to use covering the facial features and gestures when shooting your subjects. Moving from side to side will help you tackle the lighting situation. While shooting outside, you should consider taking the shots at the best time. The GoPro has features that allow you to cut backlighting effects.

Use The App

When you’re not right next to the camera, keep your clips functional, short, and high impact by using the GoPro App. It is nice to watch yourself on a trip doing things to give you the impression that somebody else is watching you.

The time I use the device is when I’ve got the GoPro fixed somewhere outside the car. From the app, I can remotely start, pause, and change camera settings. Another trick for getting even more out of your gear and camera is using the GoPro app.


Shoot With Your Edit In Mind

There’s nothing more disappointing than getting back from shooting with your GoPro only to discover that you didn’t get the scene you needed to tell your story and make your video.

  • Schedule the session before you start making a considerable editing difference.
  • Then build your GoPro video in a specified folder.
  • Edit the video through the GoPro editing video, this program handles GoPro video files natively without the need for conversion, so that you can put your footage directly into the program.

Music Selection

Select the music and edit the music to fit the moods of the video. The song’s mood and tempo will suit the shoots and sound of the video you plan to make. It’s good to choose music first for the tone, and also for how you clips fit into the video.

Edit The Beat

Adding music will give the video a degree of polish and will keep people watching for longer. It is always best to pick your song first as this sets the video’s tempo, as the tip above says.

Mute The Recorded Audio

Unless you want people to hear what happens, the background audio you get from your GoPro video coverage is not necessary.