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Breaking The Growth Barriers In B.Tech In Information Technology


While looking at B.Tech in terms of career prospects, two things are certain. Firstly, the enormous scope that the IT industry has to offer and secondly, information is the driving force in the world and will continue to remain so for long. Many enterprises are continuously updating themselves with modern and enhanced tech gadgets required for their business. In such a scenario, career opportunities would certainly escalate as there would be a greater need for proficient and capable engineers.

Such a thriving profession offers a world of opportunity for one to grow in. You can choose to be a system analyst, a manager programmer or for that matter even a computer professor at a college. While other course choices would limit you to pick from a selected few, BTech in IT would be instrumental in helping you direct your career path.

Why IT Is A Brilliant Option?

Information technology is running the world and catching up with people of all generations. The capacity in which it can bring changes and improve the quality of life is insurmountable. Everyone in the contemporary world, from the average man to multi-nationals is impacted by the touch of IT.

Such transformational ideas certainly need brilliant minds that can create and also operate them. In such a scenario, the idea of a global networking system cannot exist without updated information technology. A very important frame of an organisation is taken up by this sector and hence it makes for a very interesting and highly sorted career field. From digital marketing platforms used by a business for promotion purpose to the development of a website application, everything has its backbone in IT.

A Plethora Of Job Opportunities 

While the whole world is reeling under setbacks created by the recent recession, the IT industry is doing considerably well. There has certainly not been a dearth of jobs as no matter how volatile the economy, companies are always going to need information technology to function.

A bachelor degree in this field is all you need to get started and would be a sufficient preliminary requirement for a suitable job. A broader classification in this industry is done under two brackets; software and hardware. Tasks like software programming, development, programming and even testing fall under the bracket of software. The right knowledge and skill set for this work can help one do progressively well in fields such as computer operations, marketing, data-centre management and lot more. There is also the option of becoming a computer hardware engineer and going for off-beat profiles such as technical writing or desktop support.

This domain is ever-evolving per emerging technology. With the right knowledge and skill set, one can do well and go for jobs with big organizations such as Infosys, TCS, HCL, IBM, Accenture and more.

Even monetary perks are good in this field and one can earn an exceptionally good pay package with only a few years of experience. All in all, with a B.Tech degree not only is your future highly secured but it can also take you dizzying heights of growth.