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CBD Dog Treats: 10 Incredible Benefits Of CBD For Your Dog


According to Statista, sales for cannabidiol products for pets are expected to reach $125 million by 2022.

Numerous health benefits are to thank for this rising popularity of CBD among humans and their pets. Whether you’re hoping to relieve your pet’s anxiety or improve their appetite, CBD oil for dogs can benefit your pet’s life—and your own.

Here are the top 10 benefits of CBD dog treats. With this CBD oil benefits list, you can discover a healthier life for you and man’s best friend!

1. CBD Reduces Anxiety

If your dog has a difficult time alone and suffers from separation from anxiety when you’re not home, CBD oil for dogs can help.

This is also beneficial if you only have one dog at home, instead of leaving them with another pet that can keep them company throughout the day.

One of the most apparent benefits of CBD among pets is its ability to reduce anxiety. This can help when you need to leave your pet at home to work or if your dog is afraid of loud sounds.

For humans, CBD oil is also capable of helping patients with panic disorders or who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

In addition to alleviating anxiety, CBD can also lower stress levels and help your pet relax.

That way, you don’t have to feel guilty about leaving them at home. Instead of spending their day whining and scratching at the door, your dog will remain calm and relaxed. This allows you to focus on work without spending the entire day worrying about man’s best friend.

2. It Treats Seizures & Epilepsy

It’s not unusual if your dog suffers from seizures or epilepsy. Instead of giving your dog vet-prescribed drugs that could cause nasty side effects (including causing damage to the liver and other essential organs), you can choose to give your pet CBD dog treats instead.

Seven out of eight patients with drug-resistant epilepsy have demonstrated improvement after using CBD.

CBD for pets can help treat your pet’s seizures and epilepsy as well.

CBD also doesn’t contain the psychoactive compound THC. That means you won’t have to worry about one group of side effects replacing another.

Instead, you can help reduce the number of seizures your dog experiences. That way, they can live happier and healthier.

This can help relieve your stress levels, too!

3. It Relieves Pain

According to this report, approximately 60.2 million households include a dog among their family members. As part of the family, you’d want to make sure your pet isn’t living in pain.

For both humans and pets, CBD is an effective, natural option for relieving the pain we experience every day.

The cannabinoids in CBD dog treats reduce the amount of inflammation throughout our bodies. Inflammation can lead to a number of health-risking diseases (more on this below) and causes pain in the joints and muscles.

With CBD, however, we can relieve this inflammation.

This pain can also cause immobility and low energy levels.

4. CBD Fights Cancer

CBD oil for dogs and other cannabis products have anti-tumor properties as well. This anti-tumor effect can stop cancer cells from growing. It can even cause tumor cells to die as well.

By giving your pet CBD dog treats, you can reduce their risk of cancer.

The CBD oil improves the body’s immune system, causing the killer cells within the body to kill cancer cells. As the cancer cells die, the CBD oil also blocks their ability to produce energy.

This allows the CBD’s anti-tumor abilities to slow and inhibit glioma cell growth, which is a type of tumor that effects the brain and spinal cord. Finally, CBD products can also make conventional cancer treatments more potent as well.

5. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation occurs when the body tries to fight off infections, injuries, and toxins. However, too much unrelenting inflammation can damage the organs and tissues, causing a number of health issues such as cancer and asthma.

A few symptoms of chronic inflammation include abdominal and chest pain, fatigue, and rashes.

Chronic fatigue is also linked to the development of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Instead of leaving your pet at risk of these diseases, use CBD oil for dogs.

CBD fights the inflammation by decreasing the production of inflammatory cytokines. The cytokines cause autoimmunity, allergies, hypersensitivities, and the development of autoimmune diseases.

CBD oil for dogs is also a powerful antioxidant; even more so than vitamins E and C.

With CBD dog treats, you can inhibit the production of inflammatory macrophages within your dog. That way, you’re protecting them from inflammation and any inflammatory diseases.

6. Helps with Bowel Disease

Your dog might also be at risk for inflammatory bowel disease.

CBD’s antibiotic properties can help prevent colitis. That way, you can restore your dog’s gut motility and help them avoid potential diseases.

7. Increases Appetite

According to USA Today, pet owners spend approximately $1,285 a year on their dogs.

Instead of wasting money on dog treats that could threaten your pet’s health, why not give them CBD dog treats that could help them?

Your dog might be experiencing a loss of appetite caused by health issues such as cancer. If your dog isn’t eating, CBD dog treats can actually help relieve their nausea.

This is beneficial if you’ve noticed your dog is vomiting often as well.

Instead of leaving your dog feeling sick, consider CBD for pets. This will help relieve their stomach pain and nausea to improve their appetite. That way, they get the daily calories and nutrition they need to remain happy and healthy.

8. Good for the Heart

CBD dog treats can also improve your dog’s heart health. Studies show that CBD promotes cardiovascular health by reducing damage caused by irregular heart rates and damaged blood vessels.

In can also protect these blood vessels from further damage.

By purchasing CBD oil for dogs, you can reduce your pet’s risk of heart disease. These products also dilate the arteries, which further protects the heart’s blood vessels.

Stress and anxiety can also increase the heart rate and your pet’s blood pressure as well. By feeding your pet CBD dog treats, you can keep their heart rate and blood pressure levels low.

Improving your dog’s cardiovascular health can extend their lifespan (in human and dog years).

That way, your pet remains healthy and by your side for a long time.

9. Protects the Nervous System

Free radicals and toxins can cause brain cell death and damage in older dogs. One of the benefits of CBD oil is its ability to protect the brain from this cell death.

These protective abilities also show promise for spine and nerve issues, including degenerative myelopathy.

This occurs when CBD products protect your dog’s brain cells from toxicity.

Instead of leaving your dog’s nervous system vulnerable, CBD can protect them from a number of neurodegenerative diseases.

A few of these include Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

As the CBD oil protects your dog’s brain cells, it also keeps your dog healthier and happier for years to come! That way, you don’t have to worry about your dog suffering from these neurodegenerative diseases as they grow older.

10. It’s Safer Than Alternative Medicines

Last on my CBD oil benefits list is the one concern many pet owners question before purchasing CBD, even for themselves: is it safe?

Many studies have explored the health benefits of CBD products over the years. They’ve demonstrated that, even when taken at high doses or used over long periods of time, CBD is in fact safe for pets and their owners alike.

As an added note, CBD dog treats can metabolize prescription drugs. This occurs when the CBD decreases the activity of liver enzymes within the dog. If your dog is currently taking medications, it’s important you check in with your vet before giving your pet CBD dog treats.

Instead of using prescription medications that may impact your dog’s health, consider replacing these medications with CBD.

While CBD oil for dogs does come from hemp plants, it usually contains no or very little traces of THC. That means these products are also legal to purchase in the United States.

If you’re concerned about your dog experiencing any side effects, speak with your vet first.

Regardless, using CBD oil for pets comes with a number of health benefits that can improve your dog’s life for the better.

CBD Dog Treats: 10 Incredible Benefits of CBD for Dogs

With this CBD oil benefits list, you can improve your pet’s health for a happier, more energetic pooch. Grab a bag of CBD dog treats today and watch as these tail-wagging benefits help your best friend!

Remember, CBD for pets can help prevent cancer, relieve pain, and improve your dog’s appetite.

With these benefits, you can get man’s best friend back and happier than ever. Get ready for boundless energy and a feel-good attitude once CBD is added to your pet’s daily routine.

You might even start considering CBD for yourself if you haven’t already!

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