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Changing Trends On How People Use Social Media Today


With advancement in technology, predicting the future of Social media is becoming difficult. In the near future it is expected that new trends may be updated that will help social media evolve its presence in global market.

Hidden e-payment features

Earlier there were few notifications related to hidden feature on Facebook – payment feature. Once this app is functional Facebook users will be able to send and receive payment globally using debit card system.

The company wishes to provide with this service for free for its over 200 million users globally.  Presently users can make use of Auto-fill option n Facebook that helps users to get connected to their credit cards.

There are over thousands of e-commerce merchants worldwide who are using this feature on face book.

Social media and e-shopping trends

Presently social media giants like Facebook andTwitter had started with providing buy button options on their portals. The option was launched as Beta version where users could make use of it with their posts.

It allowed users to make purchase from the web portal with a single click. With further advancement in technology it is expected that social media and e-commerce shall get integrated on a single platform.

Benefits to e-commerce merchants

For e-commerce merchants, social media integration offers with benefits to get connected to the global customers. Many users are constantly using social media sites chatting, sharing, likes and much more.

The moment these users update social media platforms with their payment details, making purchase for them will just be a matter of a single click.

Ideal for small deals

One main benefit with social media is that the platforms operate in real time. So if you are looking around for fleeting trends and small deals, then they are ideal. You can exchange anything including iTunes Gift Card on these platforms.

Many customers always stream for time saving offers and shopping trends on social media platforms. This also offers with multiple benefits to advertisers. One main benefit is that they can actually get connected to each post individually. They can easily track each purchase made. With buy option they can also expect real money payments by displaying their revenue features to the posts.

New smart features

There are a number of smart devices that regularly update notifications on social media networks. You can find a number of clients advertising their devices on Facebook . This makes the process of integrating social media with internet things more challenging.

Social media can make use of users friends list to prepare their social graph. A smart electronic device can now track your social media activities and list and decide to alert you for the upcoming event arrangement.

In the near future you can expect these smart devices to get more intelligent such that they can track your interactions with your group or followers and then respond according to needs.

Possible threats

With social media platform consistently collecting users data, many savvy users are always concerned about their data and information being misused or sold. People are concerned about all their personal information being shared with advertisers.