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Choosing The Best Nanny Cam For Your Family


Technology isn’t always an evil that we should try to steer away from or lessen in our lives. In fact, if used properly, technological advances can help us protect our valuables and even our loved ones from harm and danger. That’s where nanny cams come on the scene.  There is a way to track the happenings at your home while you are away and have left someone else to care for your child.

Choosing a nanny cam that is right for your needs and the space you wish to monitor is very important if you want to ensure your footage is viewable and audible. You should do lots of research before you decide on which one to buy. Read over the best nanny cam review at hiddencamerasforhome.org to get a better idea of which ones are out there and might be suitable for your use. Along with reading website reviews, it is a good idea to compile a list of characteristics to look for in a nanny camera. Your list should, ideally, include the following features so you will get the most value out of your purchase.

1.  Wide-Angle View

The camera should have a viewing range that will cover an entire room at the very least. This shouldn’t mean you have to purchase a nanny cam that is large in size, either, since good ones will be equipped with a wide-angle lens to cover your space without leaving blind spots. You wouldn’t want to lose sight of activities that could take place outside the viewing area if your lens wasn’t a wide angle capable lens.

2.  Easily Concealed

This may seem obvious but definitely worth mentioning since you want to catch candid footage. It is a good idea that even your child doesn’t know about the camera to prevent them from acting or putting on a performance for you. The easiest to conceal are smaller in overall size without compromising quality of the output.

3. Night Vision

If your nanny has the lights off and curtains drawn, you might lose your picture unless the nanny cam you have purchased features night vision. With night vision you will be able to see in the room as if it were illuminated without missing an important detail. When the nanny believes she is unviewable in the dark, this may be the time you catch misconduct occurring, if any has been happening.

4. Stream to Your Phone App

Although not essential, this nice to have feature will give you peace of mind on date nights or while away for short periods. Along with viewing recorded footage, it is also great to be able to log in to your app and just check in right on your smartphone. This allows you real-time viewability and if you feel the need to call home or head home, you can do so right away. Since most people have a smartphone, this only makes sense to have and is relatively easy to use.