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Choosing The Right Cloud Integration Platform


There is not a drought of choices of cloud integration platforms. In fact, there are so many choices that it may be overwhelming to pick the right one for your company. Here are some factors to consider when making this critical decision.

Is it a company you can trust?

Research the company. Check out the company’s reputation. Read the reviews. Talk with customers of the company to see if they are happy with the service they receive.

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Does the cloud integration platform offer quality support?

Even if the company offers all the features of Amazon Connect, do they provide support for the platform as well? Aria’s Legato offers service not only to set up your system but also to service it during the use as well. Make sure the platform you choose offers continued service even after the set-up. Check to see the hours of service to make sure it correlates with your hours of use.

Does the cloud integration platform offer automatic upgrades?

Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing technology, and then discovering that an upgrade with exciting new features is already available. Make sure that your platform offers automatic upgrades to those new features.

Is the cloud integration platform secure?

Does the security come with the fees for the service, or are you required to purchase additional protection as well? Ask detailed and explicit questions to make sure you are using the most secure platform to protect you and your customers’ data. Also, ask if they meet the standards to become certified by overseeing organizations.

Is the cloud integration platform reliable?

Ask to see their performance reports for the last six months. Of course, every service provider will have experienced downtime at some time. Don’t expect a perfect report.

Is the data center secure and protected?

Ask for a disaster recovery plan. How can they ensure that your data will be protected? Find out where the data center is and how it is protected from a natural disaster?

How detailed are the service agreements?

Ambiguous wording in the service agreements should give you a red flag on whether or not you want to do business with this provider. Look for accessibility, service availability, and service capacity.

How does the pricing work for the cloud integration platform?

Is pricing on a per user per month basis? Is it based on usage or time of usage? Some services give you a cost-benefit when you use resources efficiently.

Can I use any device to access my data?

Your employees desire flexibility when accessing company information. Are there any issues using different technologies?

How easy is the set-up process?

This information is especially relevant if you are a small business with a shoe-string budget. You don’t want to have to hire an IT expert to get you up and running. Make sure that the process is user-friendly and does not require an advanced degree in computer science.

Even with such a wide variety of options, finding the right cloud integration platform at a reasonable cost should be easy if you ask the right questions.