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Citrio Browser Review – A Fresh New Browser With Amazing Features


Internet is also called as a library of various types of information that anyone in this world can access. Internet is basically so huge that multiple terabytes of information is being sent and received simultaneously. Internet has evolved from being just a few websites with pages and links along with images to web apps that can literally act as full-fledged software for a system. We can stream multimedia content online; we can upload our content and what not.


New technologies like HTML5 as well as CSS3 along with other new tech allow us to do many more things with web. You can also find full fledged tools online that allow you to control other systems right from your browser.

But to do all this we need a good browser. There are many browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. but in this post I am going to talk about a new browser that comes with some really great features in-built right into it and we can use these features to our advantage in our day to day life.

Citrio Browser – Introduction

The name of the browser is Citrio Browser and it is based on the Chromium project by Google so you know it will definitely perform well and it will also be lightning fast.

It comes with features like an intelligent download manager, a video downloader, a full-fledged torrent downloader and many other features as well.

Features of Citrio Browser

Citrio comes with many features right into the browser by default. These features are otherwise needed to be added by the use of extensions and apps from the web store but you don’t need any extra extensions or apps because all these are present in Citrio by default now.

Easy Setup

Setting up the browser is very easy. You can simply download Citrio Browser and log in to your Google account and the browser will automatically download the extensions associated with your account or any apps you have there will be downloaded along with bookmarks and any saved passwords too.

Download Manager with Torrent Downloader


Citrio comes with an amazing download manager that does more than what most download managers in browsers do. You get a proper GUI to manage the downloads and let us not forget the torrent download manager that comes included in the browser.

It has all the features a torrent downloader needs. Features like downloading torrents, pausing, resuming etc. as well.

Video Downloader

How many times have you tried downloading a video from a websites and ended up downloaded other software in order to download those videos?

Citrio comes with an amazing video downloader that allows you to download the video files from many websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Veoh and many others.

Social Sharing Integrated

Citrio Browser comes with integrated social sharing plugin using which you can share whatever you want easily without going on to sites like Facebook, Google+ and you can directly share from the browser itself.

Comparison with Google Chrome


Google Chrome is also based on the Chromium project but comes with Google features integrated. On the other hand Citrio is based on same project but brings so many things to the table altogether. You have all the Google features along with the features I mentioned above which acts like icing on cake and these features are not gimmicks. They are actually useful in real life.


All in all Citrio is an amazing browser that you can switch to if you are bored of using Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera. The features are great and it works great as well. I personally liked the torrent download manager and I am sure many of you will find it useful too. You can get updates about Torrent Download Manager in Citrio easily.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead – download Citrio browser and try it right away.