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Cloud Computing and its Effect in the IT Industry


Cloud computing is still in its infancy but the technology behind it evolving at a rapid pace. As a result, companies are keying into the technology, and would not like to be left out of it. The technology is expected to be a major part of the computing world and will definitelydictate how companies operate in the not so distant future.

There are many benefits in moving a business to the cloud and many organisations are already making use of hybrid cloud computing, for a large part of their computing needs. This means that instead of purchasing software and loading it to a computer or an in-house server, organizations and individuals can access the same software via the internet.

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Here are some of the other great benefits one can expect as the technology behind cloud computing continues to grow over the next five to ten years.

Reduced IT costs

The ability to pay for software and other essential applications on a pay-as-you-go basis will dramatically reduce IT costs. This is because the cost of upgrading applications and new hardware will be included in monthly service fees.

There also wouldn’t be a need to purchase new servers as business expands, because an individual can simply access more space on the cloud and won’t need as many IT specialists on staff, saving companies even more money on wages.

Increased flexibility

As businesses grow and need more bandwidth, they can instantly access this additional space on the cloud’s servers. In fact, as business requirements change they can expand or contract the amount of bandwidth you need at the touch of a button.

There will also be a capability to be able to mix and match software requirements by creating customised modular applications for businesses. So instead of purchasing multiple pieces of software, organizations can simply access the individual components they need across a number of different cloud servers, changing the mix of components as needed.

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Increased collaboration

With employees being able to access the cloud anywhere, anytime on any desktop or mobile device, documents can be updated and instantly available to colleagues, contractors and other third party collaborators. Instant access to documents, databases and shared applications by a variety of employees, enhances collaboration and is more cost efficient than traditional work place practices.

With cloud computing everyone works off one single copy of a document or database, leading to more real time updates, and stronger and more efficient collaborations.

Cloud computing will be mainstream

With faster processing times and new technologies and applications developed specifically for the cloud, most businesses will adopt some form of hybrid cloud computing over the next five to ten years. The sheer scalability and flexibility of the cloud, as well as the reduced start-up costs and minimal capital expenditure, will tempt many new start-up business to base themselves firmly in the cloud.

The future of cloud computing over the next few years will see a rapid change in how businesses structure their computing operations with more flexibility, greater growth and reduced costs. For cloud computing services  and storage provider visit Amcom and find out how your business can benefit from this new technology.