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Conduct Business Confidently And Securely With PGP Encryption


Conducting business internationally comes with lots of challenges. While expanding into new markets or developing relationships with partners overseas can have immeasurable financial rewards, it also means navigating multiple legal systems, negotiating trade regulations, and worrying about foreign exchange risk. If your business operates in, or works with partners who operate in less stable political contexts, this can add another layer of difficulty.

But while most companies are familiar with the risks involved in going international, there are other, less obvious dangers. Emailing across national borders with staff in other countries opens you up to the risk of having your messages compromised by third parties. Ultimately, this could allow competitors to gain access to your email communications. For this reason, it is important to discover how to protect your mobile data from hackers, malware, and corporate espionage while travelling abroad.

It is tempting to think that standard protections like firewalls are sufficient to protect your electronic communications from attack, but all it takes is for one device to be compromised for the whole network to be threatened. The only guaranteed way of ensuring private and confidential messaging is to use an encrypted email service. While even an encrypted email can be intercepted, the only person able to read it would be a recipient who has access to the encryption key. This is why more and more companies that do business internationally are turning to encryption specialists like Calgary’s Myntex to provide them with the software necessary to guarantee secure end-to-end communications.

These specialists use PGP encryption to protect the emails sent from a mobile phone that has been secured using this software. These secure mobile phones can talk to other devices with the same encryption, and because they are protected by unique passwords available only to the end users, a very high degree of security is guaranteed. However, in order for the encryption to work, precautions need to be taken so the encryption cannot be bypassed (PGP encryption is nearly impossible to crack, but hackers can use other entry points, such as downloads, to compromise the system), and for this reason encryption specialists will use Blackberry smartphones, the functionality of which can be restricted to the sending and receiving of emails.

While PGP software is open source, it is also extremely complex. In order to be effective, it needs to be recognized by other devices that are part of the same network (networks are built using whitelists of devices whose security is guaranteed by the same encryption). Professionals can guarantee that your company’s devices will be able to talk to the devices of your partners, ensuring you have the flexibility to do business while keeping every communication safe and confidential.

An encrypted mobile phone is an important tool for anyone doing international business, especially in parts of the world where the danger of cyber attack is abetted by lax regulations and weak laws. Don’t risk having your company compromised by malware or hackers; make sure your employees communications, and your communication with partners, is protected using the safest technology available.