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Different Types of Online Games Discussed


Online Gaming has become a worldwide trend. Gone are the days when kids used to go to cyber café for playing online computer games. Thanks to technology that now we can play online games even on our smartphones. But, when it comes to online gaming, the list of the games is mammoth. There are games in almost every genre. You name, and you will find hundreds of games in that genre. This is the reason that we have different types of online games. These games are differentiated on the basis of their gameplay, story and user interface. Here is the list of different type of online games:

Action & Adventure Games


This is one of the most popular genres in online gaming. This type consists of various games like fighting games, situational games, adventure games, etc. where the main aim of the game is to achieve the target or fulfil some objectives. These types of games are loved due to their great animation and background music.

Casino Games


This is one of the most popular types of game in online gaming world and played by millions of players across the globe. Thanks to these games, now you can play casino online with real cash without having to go to a real casino and experience the same thrill and excitement.

Shooting Games

Who doesn’t love shooting games? Just target you enemy and shoot. Online shooting games are also loved a lot due to the variety of options they offer. You can kill people, animals, terrorists and whoever you want to shoot. Shooting Games when combined with action and adventure genre results in a perfect online game to be played.

Racing Games


No list of games is complete without the mention of Racing Games. Car racing and bike racing games are the first choices among online game lovers. The gaming technology and area has become so vast that now you can even play jet racing and rocket racing games. The sound of cars and bikes is enough to make gamers go crazy.

Strategy Games

Not every game is about shooting and action. Online Games also consist of games that involve the use of a brain. These types of games are usually loved by gamers who believe in the power of brain rather than the strength of the muscles. Strategy games have got their own gamers community and the craze for them is as much equal as any other category.

Role Playing Games

There are various games that are based on a character or a story. Although, the storyline of the game is known to everyone, still these type of games offers a unique experience of getting into shoes of a character. You can play a role of superhero, a crime detective a magician or a serial killer. These types of games are usually inspired from movies or books and in rare cases, the game are inspired by a real life person or a story.

Mass Multiplayer Games

There are normal games and then there are multiplayer games. In normal games, you are all alone and in multiplayer games you compete with few other gamers. But, in mass multiplayer games there are hundreds and thousands of players playing the same game at the same time. Even global contests are organised for mass multiplayer games and gamers from different corners of the world participate in it.

Arcade and Board Games

There are gamers who love to play games that are confined to a board. The beauty of these games is that they are easy to play, but a lot is dependent on the luck. A single step or a roll can change the entire course of the game. These types of games are usually played among two or four players.

Final Verdict

There are various types of games and every type has got their own community. No matter whether it is online gaming or offline gaming, one should always enjoy the game irrespective of the outcomes of the game. Let us know which is a favourite game type and why.