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Digital Age: Rules For Modern Dating


Generation Z, fully grown in the age of digital technology, appreciates the moment even more than we do. And this is due to their behavior in many spheres of life. Shopping, entertainment, training, communication, dating – everything happens at prohibitively high speeds, which contribute to every season more powerful and smart gadgets. Yes, young people of all ages are in a hurry to live and are not inclined to hoarding, but now all conditions have been created for this. It’s no wonder that the moment is in the trend. It is not surprising that dating, trying to fit into the modern context, has also changed. So learn how to win Russian brides, Latina beauties, and French mademoiselle according to modern times.

First Rule of Modern Dating: Do not Neglect Dating Websites and Apps

You are hardly surprised by the fact that in the era of digital technologies, dating sites and applications play a leading role in romantic relationships. More precisely, in their creation. If even 5-8 years ago such services were considered no more than an abode of sex maniacs and scammers, the situation has changed radically today. However, there are also lovers of denying the reality, which in every possible way ignore the dating services. Well, we will not tire of repeating – this is a huge omission.

With the advent of platforms such as Tinder, Badoo, Pure, not only the industry of dating has changed – people’s approach to finding romantic connections have changed. Now, if you are a bachelor and you do not have a profile in any dating application, you may be misunderstood. Especially if you drink smoothies in a hipster cafe and your neighbor on the table accidentally finds out that you are not “swiping” in a spare moment, as everyone does. But if you remove the irony, then the truth in the dry residue sounds like this: “If you want to find a couple, get a profile in the dating application and stop being a snob.”

This is really a powerful tool that maximally effectively solves the problem of leisure in those people who have not yet been fortunate enough to share their life with a loved one.

Second Rule of Modern Dating: Be Honest from the Beginning

The digital age is an era of business relations. This applies not only to a career, it’s a new way of life. And if you do not want to be a loser, who has not been able to jump into the boat of modern times (which moves at great speed, of course), you will have to follow this rule without fail. If you like to reason carefully and plan for a long time, you are in trouble.

Today it is accepted to immediately disclose all the cards and tell the partner what you want from this relationship. No one has time for protracted coquetry and vulgar dramatic “turns of fate.” The fact that you will be honest with each other from the very beginning will greatly facilitate your future life. It would seem that this is not the most innovative philosophical thought, but only in the era of digital technologies it finally ceased to be just beautiful words, but quite an applied tool. Modern people are waiting for each other’s partnership relations – the fact that you have sex and breakfast together does not mean that one of you is “main” and someone is “led”, as was customary in the traditional model of “a couple in love “.

Remember that a business approach is an indispensable condition for modern dating.

Third Rule of Modern Dating: Be a Modern Person

That happy era, when the presence of their own apartment, car and holiday house was the final argument in choosing a life partner, has sunk into oblivion. Today such basic material well-being is considered nothing more than a pleasant bonus. If you want to amaze the opposite sex, you must be a modern person. What does it mean to be modern? Each of you will offer dozens of your own interpretations, but here’s our example: a modern person is an erudite personality, striving for the permanent and comprehensive development of his own qualities and not hesitating to assess contemporary phenomena. What does this mean for a bachelor who wants to change his family status in the digital age?

This means that the opposite sex is more interested in your personality than in your material well-being. You are treated as a full-fledged partner with whom you need to share the most valuable capital – time. So you have to meet these expectations.