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Edge Out Competitors With These 5 Tips From Marketing Experts


We’ve all been there. You break through after days brainstorming and put pen to paper. You’ve captured that great idea that’s been teetering on the tips of everyone’s tongues for a while. Now you have to make sure it’s your brand that becomes synonymous with the product. So how do you do that? Marketing is an evolutionary beast and you need to keep up to date with all the tricks of the trade. This article can help you edge out competitors with these 5 tips from marketing experts.

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Tell a Story

Telling a story about your business or product is key to building relationships with potential customers. This is something that all experts agree on. Take advantage of using images and words to tell a story instead of just delivering facts and figures. Doing this effectively you will generate an emotional response to your business. Building trust and confidence in what you’re trying to sell is a surefire way to get ahead of the competition.

Search Engine Optimization

If you want to turn interest into sales, first you have to be visible and available. Configuring your websites using  SEO can increase the traffic to your website by appearing in search results more frequently. Basically, the higher ranking your website appears in search results, the more potential customers will visit your page. SEO can be used to target all different kinds of searches to help you drive sales.

Social Media

Social Media has a huge impact on business and services. Taking advantage of it can help you reach a wider audience, as well as visibly follow the trends in your industry. Not only that, but utilizing Social Media can give your brand an organic online presence. Engaging with your customers with immediacy and on a personal level makes them feel valued. Getting involved in ‘banter’ with rival brands is fun and helps maintain that invaluable emotional connection between brand and customer.


Networking might sound old-hat, but they’re more relevant than ever. Events and exhibitions are held frequently and are easy to get involved with. Since they are held for the purpose of building better relationships within a specific industry, it removes any tentativeness over making new connections. Representatives can attend with the intentions of both educating about their product, and learning more about related industries. Just make sure that you have done enough research to be able to answer any questions.

Email and Outbound Marketing

With the onus on inbound marketing, it is sometimes too easy to forget the traditional methods. However, it’s estimated that over 40% of email recipients make a purchase instigated by email marketing. In addition, many companies rate the business leads achieved as a result of an email campaign as high quality. Integrating other techniques – like story telling and sharing images is key, as cold emails can go ignored or end up in the trash.

There are hundreds of sources available online to help guide you to the perfect marketing strategy. Follow our guide and don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box. Your next big opportunity is waiting for you!