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Enrich Your Vocabulary The Fun Way With Games – Know How


An enriched vocabulary is an impressive tool no one can beat easily. Therefore, the first thing a learner tries at the very start of mastering the English language is collecting new and difficult words and making a lexicon. This activity can be taken further by finding meanings and opposites of the word. Isn’t it sounding like a burden already? If yes, then it is better to achieve the goal by going the fun way i.e. by playing games like scrabble. This game is a great support for learning words and having a sense of fulfillment by scoring a lot and faster than the opponent. Here is how Scrabble can help you become a wordsmith.

It helps to improve spelling skills

Scrabble involves making new and bigger words out of a given set of letters. The challenge is to make as many words as possible by consuming all the letters given in a single instance. This way, you get to know many spellings that you were not aware of. You can also get the idea of various forms of verbs, comparison words etc. The player also learns the usage of suffixes and prefixes. These helps the player score tactfully even with limited knowledge of words.

An online scrabble word finder is a better way of getting the best from this game as there is an evaluator available that tells you if the word made by the player is correct or not. Thus, there is no chance of erroneous learning when you choose to play scrabble to improve your spelling skills the fun way.

It helps improve your vocabulary

Words, words and words form the base of a word building game like scrabble. The learner uses English words and arranges them on the chart filled with squares. The game progresses when the players contribute by adding letters vertically or horizontally to create new words.

Making new words and knowing about them is the sole motive of this game. The players have a feeling of satisfaction and pride and words learnt this way are going to stay with them for longer period or may become a part of their vocabulary forever. Thus, an enriched vocabulary is a remarkable bonus one earns out of the word building games.

It offers a competitive feeling and helps you know your level of words’ knowledge

Knowing English is one thing and knowing how far more you need to go is another. When you play with others, you come to know how much more or less you know about words than your contemporaries. Thus, you get to set new learning goals by playing word building games. Secondly, being the master of the game does imply that you have surpassed the tougher levels of learning words and so these games offer the moment to celebrate.

In addition to enriching words skills, you get to count and keep scores too. So, you are able to find a fun excuse for doing mental maths and improving your addition skills when you choose to play games like scrabble. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing scrabble and be the champion of English words!