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Everyone is Moving To The Cloud, Should You?


One of the big buzzwords in technology these days is “the cloud.” The cloud is important, but not just because it is currently fashionable. Companies that move to the cloud will find that it is both more efficient and less complicated than they feared. In fact, it is expected that by 2020 more than 78 percent of small businesses in the US will be using the cloud as a part of their business practices.

The cloud refers to platforms that exist on the Internet. They are based entirely online, in the same way that your web email is based online. This means that they do not take up space on your hard drive and you can access them from any place that you can connect to the Internet. They are also heavily secured to prevent unauthorized access.

Below are some of the best reasons for you to move your business to the cloud:

Improved Security

Security is one of the most important factors for any business considering a move to the cloud. Many people take the term “cloud” a little too literally and may feel that their data will be out there on the internet for anyone to steal. The truth is that it is actually more secure than it would be on a local hard drive.

Improved Security

For many small businesses, security is far down on the list of priorities. Business owners are often more interested in trying to accomplish their main business objectives than they are on securing data. However, cloud storage providers have security as one of their focuses and it should be considered by everyone, especially if you are in the e-commerce space like deals, coupons or price comparison with significant traffic. This means that their goal will be to provide high-level security that will range from well-trained tech experts to secure premises with biometric locks and other features.

No Worries About Maintenance

When your data is stored in the cloud, you can focus your energies entirely on your business. You do not have to worry about the software, as any issues will be taken care of on your provider’s end. Your only responsibility will be to report any problems that you encounter and the tech support staff will deal with it right away. This means that you no longer have to deal with problems like errors, lost data and the various other headaches associated with storing data in-house. Run your business and leave the technical headaches to the professionals.

You Gain Mobility

The cloud is yet another instance of technology changing the way that work is done. The cloud can help your business to leverage the power of mobility. Since all you need to work is an Internet connection, you no longer need to be in a literal office to get your job done. One major benefit is that smaller businesses gain the ability to compete with larger ones due to the removal of infrastructure barriers.

The cloud

Lower Spending on IT Staffing

In many companies, staffing is the single largest area of expenditure when it comes to computing costs. The reason is that good IT people cost a lot of money. Their combined salaries and other employment costs is often more than that of other computing expenses like hardware and software. Moving to the cloud typically means that you pay a much smaller amount to a provider. Note that moving to the cloud does not mean that you will have to fire good workers. In many cases, companies that move to the cloud find that they are able to move their IT people to other areas where they can of greater benefit to the business.

As we transition to a new era of business, the companies that adopt the cloud can only benefit from what it provides. The increasing complexity of doing business means that a move to the cloud can prove to be an economical and secure way of avoiding obstacles while also providing you with a more efficient way of doing business.