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Few Key Rules To Achieving Quality SEO For Your Business


Use of long tailed keywords in your content to optimize for SEO gives results. However, you have to make sure that your site is being indexed by search engines. Indexing involves collection of information on your site,which is then used to rank it. The search bots collect this data through links within your site as they crawl all over your site. There may be some crawl errors which may interfere with the process and thus affect search results. You need to correct such errors in order to get results on search engines.

How do you do this? Sign up your site for Google’s Webmaster Tools and check if there are any errors on your site preventing it from being indexed. Other include:

Go the niche way

It is obvious, you cannot cover everything by just a single strike. There are thousands of niches you can get into and be successful as a small business. All you need is passion, commitment, dedication and patience. About 80% of marketers and online business owners fail due to a limitation of the above.Study that niche before you sell it to your target audience. Once you master it, you will be able to convince your market share in a big way. For the marketing bit, choose a reliable digital marketing agency like ShoutDigital to help you establish an online presence.

Localize your SEO strategy

Going local, you have a better chance of beating the competition hands down. It is all about giving it your all with in specific borders. This will allow you to capture the local market share and establish dominance in that niche. You can optimize for local SEO for the keyword, “best men shoes below $200 in Miami”. This is a huge plus as compared to a competitor who is trying to sell the same but doing it nationally. Invite a credible SEO agency to help understand the local market and establish a local marketing strategy that works for your business.

Use both branded and industry keywords

Even with the best keyword choice, you will need a branded once which will go with your business. It could be your business name or a slogan for your business. You can use both to help rank your site. For example, you could be selling shoes online and the main keyword could be something like “the best men shoes below $200”. Once this keyword ranks on the first page, potential customers will need to know the name of the store, which offers such shoes. This is where the branded keywords come in. A SEO agency will need such a strategy in order to build and get your brand out there.

Avoid highly competitive keywords

It is a rule that goes a long way to being successful as an affiliate marketer or a small online business. It is known that small businesses are limited in terms of the funds they can employ in their entities. As such, going for highly competitive keywords to optimize in your content is not wise. Go for less competitive ones which will require less effort to rank on the first page of search engines. Hire a digital marketing agency with deep knowledge in keyword research. This will help you to save on the cost of buying expensive keyword research tools and also time.