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Four Ways 5G Technology Will Help You At Home


We are living in a world of 4G wireless technology right now. While 4G is definitely much faster than the 3G tech that came before it, it is about to be dwarfed by the amazing 5G technology that should be launched this year. If you have found yourself thinking “5G seems like it will be cool and everything, but how will it help me in my everyday life at home?” check out the following examples.

5G wireless promises low latency and high connectivity

If you work from home and spend a great deal of time waiting for data to download on your computer and/or worrying about dropped connections during important work calls, 5G technology should alleviate all of these concerns. 5G technology will feature super low latency, which means lag times will be virtually eliminated during texting, calls and download times, as well as reliable connectivity. If you are a parent, 5G can help set your mind at ease, knowing that you can stay in touch with your kids, whether they are traveling with a school sports team and are out of state or if they need to reach you from school.

Use your smartphone to power your coffee maker

If you are already living in a “smart home,” at least in a few ways — for example, you have a thermostat, doorbell and/or security camera that is powered by a Nest app on your android phone, 5G will help this tech to be even more incredible and user-friendly. Thanks to 5G, literally millions of devices will be connected at the same time and the gadgets will be able to communicate with each other. In other words, rather than using an app to turn down the A/C at home when you leave the office, 5G technology will allow your phone to sense that you have left work and do the communication for you. It will also link your alarm clock to your coffee maker, so that when you wake up in the morning, your Keurig will already be heating up and ready to brew you a fresh cup of joe.

Faster internet speeds means better entertainment

5G technology will bring super fast internet speeds — as much as 10 GB per second. If you are a movie buff, this means you could download a number of high-def films in a few seconds, or you could live-stream a virtual reality experience from thousands of miles away with no annoying lag times. Those annoying days of “buffering” and delays in watching your fave movies with your family should be a thing of the past, thanks to 5G. 5G technology will probably also usher in some new devices that will take advantage of the faster internet speeds; VR technology will likely become more commonplace and allow you to replace a number of face-to-face meetings with a conference held in a virtual room. You could meet with clients through 5G powered VR experiences, eliminating the need to travel for work, and you could also take part in parent-teacher conferences and other meetings with this new technology.

5G technology is so innovative, it can be hard to truly wrap our heads around the many ways it will benefit our lives. While there will certainly be additional advantages to having 5G wireless technology in our homes, we can say for sure that the incredibly fast connection speeds, improvements to smart technology and VR experiences are all a great start.